Amphora Aromatics Valentine’s Gift Set – You will ‘Love it’

Amphora Aromatics Valentine’s Gift Set – You will ‘Love it’

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching I’m sure a lot of us are thinking of gifts to buy for our loved ones. I always view Valentine’s as not necessarily a day for couples in love but as a day to show any special person in your life, that they are loved and appreciated. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it should take one day a year to do this, you should show it every day, naturally! It is, however,  a nice gesture though.

If you do want to make Valentine’s Day a little more romantic and sensual for your partner, then you might just need this gift set.

The ‘Love It Gift Set’ by Amphora Aromatics is a perfect gift to give to the special person in your life. It’s a little bit different from roses and chocolates because well, not everyone likes those!  Plus, this is something that both of you can enjoy as a couple too!

Love it Gift Set - Amphora AromaticsLove it Gift Set - Amphora Aromatics

The ‘Love It Gift Set‘ comes beautifully packaged in this sturdy natural box, with a gorgeous ribbon tied in a pretty bow. It looks so beautiful! The packaging really makes this gift set look luxurious. Definitely something you would love to receive!

Love it Gift Set - Amphora Aromatics

Nestling inside the box are three Amphora Aromatics bath & body products.

Love it Gift Set - Amphora Aromatics

You get a Pure Pleasure Bath Oil, a Sensuous Massage Oil and a Relaxing Body Lotion. I really love the packaging on these bottles. The elegant white labels with the gold detailing. Very beautiful.

Love it Gift Set - Amphora Aromatics

Pure Pleasure Bath Oil – Run your partner a nice, relaxing hot bath and add this gorgeous Pure Pleasure Bath Oil to it. Blended with Geranium, Orange, Rosewood, Sandalwood Mysore & Ylang Ylang oils. With a base of Sweet Almond oil and a touch of emulsifier to help it disperse in the water. There’s nothing better than a nice hot bath at the end of the day. The sweet aromas from the bath oil will help you relax and unwind.

Love it Gift Set - Amphora Aromatics

Sensuous Massage Oil – After getting out of the bath, could there be anything better than to receive a sensual massage from your partner? I think there is something inherently sexy and sensual being given a massage by your partner. It allows both of you to enjoy the touch of each other, head to toe.  I think it builds a lot of anticipation too. This Sensuous Massage Oil is blended with romantic and aphrodisiac oils like Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli in a base of Sweet Almond Oil.

Love it Gift Set - Amphora Aromatics

Relaxing Body Lotion – Next, after the sensual massage comes the Relaxing Body Lotion to completely finish relaxing you. A  gentle lotion that is blended with more relaxing pure essential oils of Lavender, Chamomile Roman, Melissa and Lemon Verbena. Use the lotion on areas that need some extra relaxation.

All of these products smell amazing, the essential oils really shine through. You will end your night smelling absolutely fabulous – plus you’ll feel amazing as well! Just don’t fall asleep on your partner!


How Much Does The Love It Gift Set Cost?

The Love It Gift Set is not only beautiful but you honestly won’t believe the price either! This beautiful gift set is amazingly affordable as it’s only £11.95! Can you believe it? I think that is such fantastic value for money. I was genuinely amazed when I saw the price because I was expecting it be considerably more. After all, you’re getting 3 gorgeous natural bath and body products with essential oils presented in a beautifully packaged box!

Love it Gift Set - Amphora Aromatics

If you wish to purchase this Love It Gift Set, or check out any of the other products available, then head over to the Amphora Aromatics website by clicking their logo below!


Love it Gift Set - Amphora Aromatics

  • NewLabelsOnly

    For £12 this is definitely a bargain. The bath oil sounds great!

    • It is incredible value! 😀

  • Terri Louise

    These look amazing! Excellent photography too lovely.

    Terri x

    • Thank you! Taken on my humble Samsung phone. 😀 lol

  • Soph xoxo

    This looks incredible! The photography in this post is amazing too!

    Soph |

    • It’s such a fab set! 😀 Thank you, I was actually quite pleased myself with how the photos came out! 😀

  • Amy

    Such a beautiful gift set! I love the photos you’ve taken too x

    Amy |

    • Thank you and yes, I’n still amazed at the price of it too! 😀

  • This looks like such a good set, I would definitely like to recieve this!

  • Amy Coles

    Wow this set looks gorgeous, I can’t believe how amazing the price is too! X

    • I know, it’s just fantastic for the money! It looks and feels way more expensive! 😀

  • What an amazing price! It sounds so good! I could do with a massage

    Tasha x

    • lol yes, a nice massage would be amazing! 😀

  • Eleanor

    This looks like such a great set!

    • It is a fab gift set. 😀