BakesBox Birthday Edition 2016

BakesBox Birthday Edition 2016

I was lucky enough to win a Bakesbox Birthday Edition box in a recent Instagram competition which was a collaboration between @Bakesbox and @thediaryofabeautyaddict to celebrate Bakesbox first Birthday. There were 5 lucky winners chosen to receive the Birthday Edition Bakesbox.

I always used to love to bake but sadly due to health reasons I can no longer spend time in the kitchen but I knew my children would love this box as they are now teens and love to bake themselves, and they are actually pretty good at it. I thought I would do a quick review on the box itself being as though I was lucky enough to receive one.

So, here goes!

First things first, this box is letterbox sized which is great as it will fit through most letter boxes. Always a good thing as if you are not in, it can still be popped through your letterbox by your postman.

So, on opening the box you are greeted with this lovely pink tissue paper, sealed with a Bakesbox sticker, and the beautifully illustrated instructions to bake the featured bake of that months box. This box was for ‘Doclairs’ a yummy eclair shaped like a Donut! There was also a code for 15% off a first order of Bluebird Tea.


So, what do you actually get inside Bakesbox once you peel back the pretty pink tissue paper. You get all the dry ingredients you need to make the bake provided on the printed card. It’s all perfectly measured and sealed in plastic bags which are all clearly labelled and all you have to do is add the wet ingredients to it. How fabulous is that? I would have loved something like this years ago when I could still bake!

Also included is a piping bag to pipe out the eclair mixture and some grease proof paper, onto which you can pipe. They’ve thought of everything for you, so no last minute panic that you will be missing something important to make your bake.

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There was also a Bluebird tea to try in Strawberry Lemonade, which explains the discount code in the box too. I’m not a tea (or coffee for that matter) drinker but Strawberry Lemonade sounds pretty tasty, so I might have to try that.

EDIT: So, my 13 year old daughter made the Doclairs today and she had a really fun time making them.

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Overall Thoughts

I really love the idea of Bakesbox and as I said earlier this is something I would have loved back when I still had the ability to bake. I think it’s great that you will be able to make a specific bake each month and that the majority of the ingredients will come provided in the box. Especially now with the likes of The Great British Bake Off (which I LOVE) being so popular, a lot of people have taken a keen interest in baking and this box is just perfect for anyone that enjoys to bake a sweet treat.

The Bakesbox was the clever idea of baker and pastry chef Amanda Perry and a fabulous idea it was too. Aiming to bring you creative and tasty bakes each month, all neatly packaged in a box and dropped through your letterbox. It’s just perfect.


It’s also worth noting that there is also a Junior Bakesbox, which is basically a mini version of the original Bakesbox and perfect for the budding little baker in your family. If you subscribe to both the original Bakesbox and the Junior Bakesbox you actually save money too.

Where Can I Buy It?

Bakesbox website –

How Much Does It Cost?

Bakes Box costs £11.50 per month on a monthly subscription p&p included

Junior Bakes box costs £7.50 per month on a monthly subscription p&p included

Bakes Family Bundle costs £16.99 per month on a monthly subscription p&p included (Original Bakes Box & Junior Bakes Box)

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