Bath Candle Company Review

Bath Candle Company Review

There has never been a time more so than writing this post that I wished everyone had the ability to smell the items I’m reviewing, through my post. The Bath Candle Company kindly sent me one each of their candles and diffusers to sample.

The Bath Candle Company has been making luxury and beautifully designed products since 2015. Think quality, not quantity, a personal shopping experience and an attention to detail in everything that we do. We believe in helping you to create those oh so precious moments through filling your home with our gorgeous scents. Whether as a gift or a treat – we are a real simple pleasure!

We have put love and thought in to every product we create. Through sourcing only in the UK to hand pouring our signature candles with high quality fragrance oils here in Bath.

This is only the beginning of an exciting journey for us at The Bath Candle Company and we love what we do and hope to see you soon to share it with you!

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Bath Candle Company Bath Candle Company Bath Candle Company Bath Candle Company

I think before I talk about how gorgeous this candle smells, I have to pay homage to the beautiful packaging and design. This is a really elegant looking candle. From The Bath Candle Company branding on the front, to the pretty black ribbon on the gold lid. This candle is going to look gorgeous no matter where you place it in your home.

They sent me Pomegranate Noir in the candle. This has to be the most gorgeous candle scent I have ever smelled, like ever. I really didn’t want to burn this candle just so I could continue to indulge in the delicious smell that emanates from this lovely candle.

However, I obviously needed to burn it to review it, much as it gutted me to do it. I lit the candle just after midday and I had it burning for over 11 hours before I blew it out. I was amazed that after that time, there was still a little over half of the candle left. I’m no expert when it comes to the burning times of candles but I’m going to say that seems like a pretty good burning time to still be left with over half the candle.

Whilst burning it filled the room with a heady, sweet, fruity sensual scent. It wasn’t overpowering; it was just simply lovely. The fragrance lingered as well, it didn’t dissipate at all, so the room smelt gorgeous the whole time.

It’s such a luxurious candle and would make an excellent gift for someone too.

Bath Candle CompanyBath Candle CompanyBath Candle CompanyBath Candle Company

The diffuser The Bath Candle Company sent me was in the scent of Cassis & Fig. Again, this is a really beautiful, elegant design. It’s presented really lovely, with matching black ribbons on both the neck of the diffuser  and the reeds.

The gold cap screws off to allow you to take out the plug that seals the diffuser, preventing any of the liquid escaping before you use it. It’s quick and easy to take it out, pop the reeds in. You can then place it anywhere except on polished, painted or leather surfaces.

The reeds soak up the scented oil and give out the gorgeous, fruity, sweet scent of Cassis & Fig.  It really does make the whole room smell so nice.

The good thing about the diffuser being an opaque white, is that when the oil eventually runs low but still smells great, it will still look fantastic too. I think diffusers where you can see how much remains tend to look kind of unsightly.

Both of these items get a HUGE thumbs up for me. I adore fruity, sweet scents so both this scent and the Pomegranate Noir were perfect for me.

If you love candles and diffusers and like your house to smell amazing, I definitely recommend The Bath Candle Company. Beautiful products and deliciously amazing smells; you can’t go wrong!


Where Can I Buy The Bath Candle Company Products From?

If you wish to purchase this candle or diffuser, or any other Bath Candle Company products, you can do so by visiting their website:-

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