BuyWaxMelts Review

BuyWaxMelts Review

Autumn is practically upon us and it’s that time of year for cosy nights, hot chocolates and there’s nothing that creates a wonderful atmosphere more so than popping on a wax melt and filling your house with beautiful fragrances.

I recently got to try some wax melts from BuyWaxMelts; a company run by Simon & Linda. They are a mother and son team and are passionate about bringing affordable, quality wax melts to their customers. They keep their packaging simple so they can keep the costs low and pass their savings onto us. Fancy packaging may be nice to look at but it does add extra expense and really, the packaging gets thrown away anyway, so why worry about expensive packaging, when simple more than does the job.

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The wax melts come in a sturdy box, with a printed sheet of the scents in your box. It has a very organic feel to the packaging; earthy and natural.  The melts come in lovely, simple designs and are beautifully coloured and just smell so good. That might be a bit of an understatement, they smell AMAZING! They are handmade from soy wax. so are renewable and naturally biodegradable too.

Each one of these melts packs a really powerful punch of fragrance. When melting they really give off a lovely scent which fills the air and makes it smell lovely for hours.

I had the following fragrances to try:-



The Cherrylicious wax melts are bursting with delicious cherry fragrance. Sweet and fruity with that familiar cherry scent. The fragrance they give off as they melt really permeates the air and makes the room smell so gorgeous for hours. Will definitely be repurchasing these.

Sugar Plum Fairy


I can’t stop smelling these Sugar Plum Fairy wax melts. They smell amazing. They have all the fragrance of winter & Christmas perfectly blended with a sweet, slightly fruity scent. Sugar Plum Fairy is an apt name for this fragrance. I’d honestly wear a perfume that smelt like this!

Berry Trifle


I can see why these are called Berry Trifle because they smell very fruity, yet it’s a very creamy scent. It’s more subtle and delicate. Fruity & Creamy scents blended together to create a gorgeous fragrance that leaves your room smelling heavenly.

Overall Thoughts

These soy wax melts are really lovely and are very affordable at only £1.oo for 3 wax melts, each giving around 4hrs burning time. They have over 20 fragrances to choose from so there will definitely be a scent to your liking. If you’re not sure which fragrances to buy then they have just the thing for you, their  Mixed Scented Soy Wax Melts Selection Box. which is just £3 for 9 and has a mixed selection of their scented wax melts.

All of their wax melts come with free delivery too.

They also have a small range of burners to choose from too, again with Free Delivery PLUS  3 free Soy Wax Melts with every purchase. Just leave a message at the checkout!

Where Can I Buy It?

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