Contact Me

If you are interested in working/collaborating with me, or if you are a company, brand or PR that is interested in sending me products to review, then please get in touch with me directly at  


I am happy to be approached and will always take into consideration any collaboration offers and sponsored blog posts as long as it is a good fit for my blog and followers and you feel I would be a good match for your brand/company too.  A media pack is available on request.

Please Read Before Contacting Me

So, before contacting me, there are a few things that you should know and some things that you might want to consider:

  • First, make sure you actually take the time to look at my blog and find out what I’m all about. 

  • Make sure that the product you want me to try/review is a good fit for both myself and my blog. That it is a product that I am likely to be interested in and will, in turn, be something that my followers and readers will want to know about.

  • Skincare products take time for me to review properly. You can’t just slap them on your skin, and write a review in one day. Ideally, I like to review skincare products for a period of at least 4-10 weeks. 

  • I can only test so many skincare products at a time. So be aware, that there may be a waiting list for skincare product reviews. I get a fair number of brands etc asking me to review products each month.

  • I DO NOT charge a fee for reviewing products.

  • I cannot test your product if you just want to send samples or sachets etc. I need full-size products to be able to test them fully and give an honest review of them.

  • As I do my reviews for free, I don’t think it is unfair that the least I am compensated with, are full-size products to review.

  • Just because I do this for free does not mean I will be taken advantage of. I spend hours reviewing products, taking photos, editing and then writing reviews. Plus all the social media work too. I might not charge a fee but I do know my worth.

  • Please be aware that sending me products to try does not automatically guarantee that I will feature them on my blog or social media. 


You can also send me any questions/feedback you might have for me and I will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as I can.