Dollyscandles Etsy Store Wax Melts Review

Dollyscandles Etsy Store Wax Melts Review

I stumbled upon the little gem that is Dollyscandles whilst browsing on Instagram. I was immediately intrigued by the scents available and they were just incredibly pretty, not to mention, glittery; glitter is always a good thing! So, of course, I had to order some from their Etsy Store. It arrived within a couple of days or so, and was packaged in a firm box, with paper squiggles and a sweet treat or two added in as well.

The lovely Lauren of Dollyscandles was also extremely kind and added in a Tony Moly face mask to thank me for posting about them on my Instagram & Facebook; which I did totally off my own back because I just had to share how gorgeous these wax melts are.

Dollyscandles DollyscandlesDollyscandlesDollyscandles

I can’t tell you how beautiful the smell was when I opened up the box too. My god, it smelled so yummy! Each pack of wax melts I ordered came in a pack of 4 and were priced at £1.75 per pack. I honestly think that is such a fantastic price.

The first time I placed an order I chose the following scents:-

  • Blue Raspberry Slush – smells just like a Blue Raspberry Slush Puppy, fruity and delicious
  • Blueberry – very much smells of  fruity Blueberries
  • Fruit Loops – these smell of vanilla and fruit, honestly these smell so yummy I want to eat them
  • Diamond Fizz – I honestly do not know how they get something to smell fizzy, but these definitely do, fizzy and with the gorgeous scent of Diamonds by Armani
  • Delicious Apple – fresh, crispy, fruity apple scent like DKNY Be Delicious; just gorgeous

Dollyscandles Dollyscandles Dollyscandles Dollyscandles Dollyscandles Dollyscandles

As you can see the melts are really fabulous and I honestly wish my blog was scratch ‘n’ sniff so you could appreciate how divine these melts smell too.

It actually wasn’t that long before I put in my second order as there were some other scents I wanted to try, plus there were a few new scents added too. What can I say, I do love a good wax melt!

Once again, the box was packed really well, so no damage could occur to the wax melts.  There were, of course, the sweet treats which are always welcomed and then all the stunning wax melts.


This was the wax melt that enticed me to buy more; the Watermelon Fizz. I cannot explain how amazing this smells. Like seriously, fizzy watermelons. I am just amazed how they get these to smell so fizzy. I mean, how can you actually smell fizz? lol But it does and it’s gorgeous!


Rock Princess, oh my, really smells like the Vera Wang fragrance, so pretty. It gives off such a lovely scent.


If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain… seriously though, this melt smells of summer, coconut, pineapple; just all the flavours of summer in one vibrant melt.



Oh, so sweet is the wax melt Lollypop. It reminds me of Swizzels Double Lollys so much. Another melt that smells good enough to eat, sherberty, fruity and sweet-smelling.


Summer wouldn’t be complete without some strawberries and champagne all infused in this gorgeous little melt; a delicate smell of strawberries & a hint of champagne creates a really subtle scent.


Again with the fizzy smell on this one too. Prosecco and Clementine. A lovely strong citrus smell of clementines.


I love the smell of these Sugared Figs wax melts. It’s a really pretty scent and just smells divine.


These Lime Basil and Mandarin melt smell lovely. You can smell the lime, mandarin and the hint of basil, which I have to admit to being a bit unsure about but it compliments the lime and mandarin so well. It reminds me of candlelit baths and sweet-smelling body oils. Gorgeous!


I keep smelling these melts and I’m constantly shaking my head and wondering how on earth Lauren got these melts to smell like these flavours. This Pink Sugar Bon Bon is another one that smells amazingly good, sugary, sweet like a bonbon but not overly so. Just perfect and you want to take a bite rather than melt it, or maybe that’s just me lol


This Stick of Rock melt immediately reminds me of seaside holidays as a child and opening a stick of rock and you’d get that unmistakable stick of rock smell. It’s absolutely spot on.


Finally, Love Spell and this one smells very citrus and fruity to me; just an incredibly yummy smell.


I think I have enough melts to last me till the start of September which is when Dollyscandles will be re-opening with all their NEW Autumnal stock and I cannot wait because I just know there are going to be some amazing flavours for the season. At the moment they are taking a short break to prepare all the stock for when they re-open on the 1st September.

Overall Thoughts

Dollyscandles is a fantastic new Etsy store selling handmade soy wax melts. They have a fabulous range of scents to choose from and their melts smell incredible. When you melt one of these waxes the fragrance fills the air and you get a really gorgeous aroma. There is definitely a scent for everyone, whether you like something fresh, fruity, floral, spicy or heady; you will find what you are looking for at Dollyscandles; in fact I am pretty sure you will come away with several flavours of wax melts because it’s hard to choose just one or two.

Their prices are really great too, as you get 4 wax melts for £1.75. The watermelon slice I got was £3.00 for a 55-60gm piece.


So, if you love wax melts and your house smelling heavenly, then definitely check out Dollyscandles!


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  • Ellis Woolley

    Oh my goodness…heading straight there! Great post 🙂 its made me kind of hungry?!

    • Thanks for commenting. 😀 lol I know what you mean, I just had another come a few days ago and some of them smell good enough to eat! 😀

  • Oh wow! They look amazing! Will definitely check them out too! Spoilt for choice!

    Sabah ||

    • hehe yes, they are always creating new and exciting scents too. I don’t know how they do it! 😀

  • Rosie

    Wow what a haul!! Amazing package. Defo gonna search these heard such good things!

  • Alice Swain

    Where can I buy some of these!? They are adorable!! The store linked doesn’t have anything up for sale!
    Alice Xx

    • I think the Etsy store is opening up again in October. I’ve not been well so haven’t been around much the last few weeks. I suggest following her IG page as she always posts on there when she restocks. 🙂 I think she may be closed atm, to get things prepped for all the Autumn/Winter stock as she sells out so quickly. 🙂