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How to Illuminate Your Garden at Night with Elegear Garden Lights

Now that we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with Covid, we can tentatively start to plan our summer. Personally, I would much rather have a few friends & family around for the night, than go out to a packed pub, restaurant or nightclub. As the weather is getting nicer too, the garden can make a great place to entertain. Having really good garden lights means you don’t have to stop when it starts getting dark.

Elegear Garden Lights

You can illuminate any area In Your Garden

If you use string garden lights, like these from Elegear*, then you can easily brighten up your patio area at night. Or you can join several sets together, to cover a much larger area. This is possible with these garden lights as each set of 30 bulbs has an end-to-end connection. In fact, you can connect up to 12 sets if you wanted to. Each set is 33ft/10m, so 12 sets will approximately cover 121M /396ft.

Elegear Outdoor Garden Lights

Elegear Garden Lights are also fantastic for weddings, birthday, parties and other celebrations.

I think these Elegear garden lights would be perfect to use with a gazebo or marquee tent for a special occasion. It would provide really beautiful lighting and make it feel quite glamourous too. Or alternatively, they would work really well with a vintage theme, giving a gorgeous soft glow; plus quite an intimate feel.

Professional Waterproof – IP65 commercial waterproof grade, designed to withstand the wear and tear of year-round outdoor use. Elegear string lights are made with heavy-duty wire and professional waterproof sockets that form a deep seal around the bulb. It is perfect for permanent outdoor use, even in rainy or humid weather (-20°C to 40°C).

Safe & Easy to Install – Water and weather-resistant. Each bulb has a clip on the side which makes it easy to attach it to a branch or a nail.

Create an Intimate, relaxing space To Enjoy

You can create a really lovely atmosphere using these lights. Plus, they look so pretty when it gets really dark out! They have made a really beautiful addition to our garden and decking area. They provide plenty of light, but it’s still soft and not glaringly bright. I find it so relaxing and peaceful to sit out on the decking now it’s getting warmer in the evenings. It’s just perfect in the garden at night now.

It’s also worth mentioning that these lights come with 3 spare bulbs. So, if one does happen to break or stop working, it doesn’t affect the rest of the lights. Unfortunately, the box that our lights came in looked like it had had quite the journey. It was pretty beaten up. No doubt thanks to how it was handled by the courier service, but these things happen. Certainly not a big deal but, sadly there was a casualty. One lightbulb was smashed but it was incredibly easy to replace it with one of the spare bulbs.

I also want to add that these lights also have a EU energy efficiency label of A++, which is just great and the bulbs have an average life of 15000 hours.

So, if you are thinking of improving your garden, patio or decking area etc this summer, or indeed any other area of your garden, why not invest in some fantastic garden lights.

Where to Buy & Exclusive Discount Code

You can find these Elegear Garden Lights* (rrp £32.99) on Amazon, available with Prime one day delivery too.

You can also get 15% OFF using code: JOCNNYAJ which is valid till 31/12/2021

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Elegear Garden Lights
Elegear Garden Lights

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