Kawaii Panda Mask Pouch Reveal & Review 2016

Kawaii Panda Mask Pouch Reveal & Review 2016

I’ve subscribed to the Kawaii Panda Box for a few months now but decided it was about time to also try their monthly Mask Pouch as well because I do love a good sheet mask and it’s always fun to try out different brands and different sorts of masks. If you order the Mask Pouch along with your Kawaii Panda Box then you don’t have to pay extra p&p.  Each month your Mask Pouch will contain 5 different masks.


The first of this months mask is this Fruit Mask Watermelon Girl by Skin79. It’s a moisturising and soothing mask and ideal for dry skin, which I just so happen to have. After cleansing and toning, just apply this mask to your face and then leave for about 10-20 minutes. Then remove and gently pat in any remaining essence. I highly recommend if there is any left in the packet that you use it as well on your neck and face. It’s too good to waste!

I have never tried this mask so it will be fun to see what it’s like.


Next up we have a 3W Clinic Fresh White Mask Sheet. This is another moisturising mask that also has astringent effects to leave your skin looking clear, and soft. Apply after cleansing and toning, leaving on for 20-30mins and gently pat in any essence remaining on the face.


This adorable Milatte Fashiony Pomegranate Mask Sheet has such cute packaging! It’s just another thing I love about Korean skin care products; they make them fun!

Milatte Pomegranate highly concentrated nourishing mask sheet contains pomegranate extracts which refreshes, heals and keeps skin firm. It regenerates skin cells and assists with reducing pigmentation and spots. Double functional products helpful for whitening and wrinkle care.

I am really looking forward to trying this one and seeing if it will be as good as it claims to be.


This Berrisom Horror Character Mask Series – Skull [Black Rice with Brightening Care] looks fun and I am sure I am going to look like a complete idiot when wearing it to lol I don’t care though and I am sure I will put pics on Instagram when I use it. This is for dull skin and has black rice extract with brightening properties and collagen to help with skin elasticity. It’s main ingredients contain cermide and glacial milk. Use for 10-20 mins after cleansing and toning, remove and gently pat excess into skin.


Lastly we have the RiRe Real Nature Mask Pack – Pearl. This mask is for whitening and wrinkle care. It contains Pearl extract, Niacinamide for whitening and adenosine for anti-wrinkle care. It also contains calming extracts of Aloe, Green Tea, Witch Hazel and Cucumber. The Pearl extract consists of 20 essential amino acids and minerals keeping dehydrated skin soft and moisturised. It sounds really great, so yes, another one I am excited to try out.

Overall Thoughts

I’m really thrilled with my first Mask Pouch. There’s a nice assortment of sheet masks and they all sound really good. I’ve never tried any of these before and I love that. It’s introducing me to new brands and masks that I have not yet come across. I think it’s excellent value for money at only £8.00 per month. If you are thinking about exploring the Korean beauty scene, then a sheet mask is always a good place to start, and this Kawaii Panda Mask Pouch would be perfect! You have no commitment as you just order them from the website each month, so you’re not tied down to a subscription.

Where to Buy?

Kawaii Panda Mask Pouch  – £8.00 + p&p (unless ordered with Kawaii Panda Box then you only pay one lot of p&p)



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