Little-Known Box Reveal & Review August 2016

Little-Known Box Reveal & Review August 2016

August’s Little-Known Box apparently has everything we need to help us look and feel great for the last of nights of summer this year.

Little-Known Box contains 5 full size products from lesser known brands, new and upcoming brands but sometime a well-known, familiar brand will pop up too. So let’s dive right in and see what’s in this months box!

Little-Known Box Little-Known Box Little-Known Box Little-Known Box

One thing I have to say before looking at the products is that I do love the packaging Little-Known Box uses. It’s very chic and classy. Not overly fussy; just simple black and gold. Everything is always well packed inside too.

Little-Known Box

There is of course, the usual information card telling us about each product, how much it costs and any discount codes available to us should we wish to purchase the product again.

Little-Known Box

The first item is this Bardou Immaculate Spray Dry Shampoo. A sleek black and gold design makes this dry shampoo look very stylish. It looks expensive and at a retail price of £12.00 for this 200ml full size bottle, it is a little on the pricey side. Enriched with keratin, this innovative formula dry shampoo promises to give instant results and refresh hair in minutes. It’s from a luxury British line of hair and cosmetic products. I was honestly expecting just another dry shampoo, nothing special but I have to say, I really love this one. It leaves your hair not only looking great, but feeling and smelling great too. I can’t put my finger on the scent but needless to say, it’s really nice and has quite a fresh smell. It also doesn’t leave much of a build up on the scalp as some dry shampoos can do. I’m not sure I would pay £12.00 for it but it is a really fantastic product.

Little-Known Box

We have seen PHB Ethical Beauty before in Little-Known Box, this time their Natural & Organic Black Eye Liner is featured. This eye liner won a Gold Award at the Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2014. It’s a gorgeous eye liner. It requires no pressure at all to apply, as it goes on so smooth and easily, it’s very pigmented and feels soft and like it is actually good for the skin and it’s also water proof and smudge proof. It’s 100% natural and is great for sensitive eyes because it contains no alcohol, no animal derived ingredients, palm oil or harmful chemicals.It is also handmade and 20% of profits go to charity. Price £ 8.95

Little-Known Box Little-Known BoxLittle-Known Box20160828_190419_LLS

GlitterEyes is a new UK-based brand and Little-Known Box has included one of their Pressed Glitters, shades were various. I got a really pretty, iridescent silvery white shade called Super Model. Now, for certain occasions I’m a big fan of glitter, especially used on the eyes. It can make eyes look really pretty and is great to wear for parties and nights out. I have a love hate relationship with it though. I love how it looks but I hate applying it because it gets everywhere…for days! This Pressed Glitter is gorgeous though. It doesn’t feel rough like some pressed glitters can do, it’s very smooth and very easy to apply with little to no fall out because it’s a pressed glitter. I love it. I really love this shade too, it’s so pretty; definitely one I would have picked myself. A useful care guide card was also included in the box Price £5.99

Little-Known Box Little-Known Box Picture 132

Time to treat our lips with this lip balm from Fairypants. This lip balm is in Peach Belini; there are 20 flavours available though. Fairypants cosmetics are all handmade, vegan friendly and cruelty free. The lip balm feels very nice on the lips, not sticky and makes your lips feel very soft, hydrated and nourished. It has a really pleasant, fruity peach smell but it’s not too strong. Price £3.99

Little-Known Box Little-Known Box Little-Known Box

Lastly, is this Amygdala Beauty Solid Fragrance in various fragrances. This is a really beautiful solid fragrance and I got Tonka Bean. It’s a really gorgeous scent which when applied to your skin, not only feels lovely but as the heat of your skin warms it, it really makes the scent come alive. Tonka Bean I would describe as a warm, comfy cosy and vanilla sweet scent. Which is understandable given Tonka Beans have been used as a vanilla substitute in many things. I have to keep smelling it on my wrists because it just smells so yummy. This is a fragrance I would definitely choose to buy myself. I also love the fact that because it’s a solid perfume, you can actually blend these with other scents to create your own personalised fragrance. Price £8.00 

Overall Thoughts

Little-Known Box

I really love everything in this months Little-Known Box. My only complaint and it’s not really a complaint as such, is that, whilst I love the black eye liner & lip balm, I wish beauty boxes in general would be a little more original because I have received so many black eye liners & lip balms the past few months I must have enough to keep me going for years! They’re both lovely products; just I already have so many. I think my stand out products in this box would be the GlitterEyes Pressed Glitter and the Amygdala Solid Fragrance. Both of those were really lovely. All in all though, another great box from Little-Known Box.

Little-Known Box Little-Known Box

Sadly, this is my last Little-Known Box as I’ve had to cancel my subscription. I will be very sorry to not be receiving this box anymore and hope to perhaps buy a one-off box in the future for review purposes. I just have a lot of subscriptions at the moment and as a blogger, in order to review other boxes, I need to swap things up a little. It’s absolutely no reflection on Little-Known Box, they have been excellent and I really recommend subscribing to them if you want to discover new products and brands. After all, it’s what they’re all about.

Where Can I Buy It?

Little-Known BoxPrice From £12.45 + p&p per month.

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