Scentescence Wax Melts

Scentescence Wax Melts

Not too long ago Scentescence approached me on Instagram and asked if I would like to sample some of her wax melts. I usually have a wax melt burning most days, so it’s always good to get to try different wax melts. So I was happy to say yes.

Scentescence is a soy wax melt business. The owner is Zoe Cooper and all the wax melts you will find on her Etsy store are handmade by her.


Zoe sent me 3 different scents to try. I was awkward and asked for fruity or sweet scents in preference to anything floral. I’m usually not too keen on floral scents when it comes to wax melts. I just prefer something more sweet and fruity. I lean towards those fragrances in perfumes too though.

The scents I received were:-

  • Blue Raspberry Slushie
  • Candy Clouds
  • Strawberry Kiwi


Sadly the horn broke off the Strawberry Kiwi unicorn melt but that obviously didn’t affect the scent. It’s a really fruity, delicious scent. Strawberry is the dominant flavour that stood out to me, with an underlying note of Kiwi.  A really lovely fragrance; nice and strong but not sickly sweet.


This cute little Candy Clouds melt smelled really great too. Sugary Sweet, delicious and almost good enough to eat.  I think I could smell a hint of Vanilla too. I love these kind of scents. Everyone kept asking me what it was that smelled so nice!


The last scent she sent me was Blue Raspberry Slushie. It really does smell like it too. Takes me right back to my childhood, I always used to have Blue Raspberry Slushies, heck, if given the chance I’d still have them now! This scent is gorgeous though. It’s smells fruity, with raspberry notes and just such a yummy fragrance.


Overall Thoughts About Scentescence Wax Melts


I only sampled three wax melts from her range but the quality of the melts were really fantastic. They burn really well and they give off a long-lasting scent that really permeates the air. Everyone commented on all three of the wax melts, how nice they smelled.

If you love wax melts, then I would definitely recommend checking out the Scentescence Etsy Store and also following her on Instagram too. You can keep up to date with all the latest melt flavours and designs then.


Where Can I Purchase Scentescence Wax Melts?

You can purchase the wax melts over on her Etsy store:-



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  • These little melts are adorable. I’ve follow Zoe’s company on Instagram and I have seen the different ones she does. I definitely prefer fruity to floral too so excellent choice!

  • David Bryans

    They look lovely and photos look gorgeous too.
    Nice post