Brighten A Loved Ones Day With A Sunshine Box

March 1, 2017
Sunshine Box

Brighten A Loved Ones Day With A Sunshine Box

March 1, 2017

This subscription box is just that little bit different. The Sunshine Box is curated to include ‘beautiful, useful and inspiring gifts, luxurious self-care items and tasty treats.’

I’m sure a lot of us have older relatives that we love but maybe we don’t get the chance to visit as often as we would like to. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to send them a beautiful box full of thoughtful gifts? Let them know that you are thinking of them and want to brighten their day. This is what the Sunshine Box is perfect for. You could send this inspiring box to:

  • older relatives who you don’t see as often as you would like
  • a friend who could use a little more sunshine in their lives.
  • yourself – because you know, you have to love yourself too.

Sunshine Box

The Sunshine Box is packed in a sturdy white box . Inside, everything is wrapped in a cheery, bright yellow tissue paper. It certainly lived up to its name!

Sunshine Box

I was really surprised to see this fondue set – everything you need to enjoy some melted chocolatey goodness. There were even some tea lights included too.

You could melt the chocolate flakes that were included and dip anything from fruit to marshmallows in it. Just about anything you fancy dipping in chocolate really.

I think this was a really great item to put in the box and would definitely bring some cheer to the day.

Sunshine Box

A box of 20 Pukka Three Tulsi tea bags. I only drink fruit teas and it’s not that I hate other teas, I’ve just never really enjoyed the taste.  This tea is a really fresh and zesty blend of three varieties of Tulsi leaves. The Tulsi is often referred to as ‘The Sacred Herb’ because of its potential to lift your spirits. It’s naturally caffeine free too and 100% organically grown and ethically sourced.

I think there’s something inherently relaxing about brewing a good cup of tea and then sitting down to enjoy it. Taking time out of your busy day to yourself.

Sunshine Box

A very lovely Yankee Candle in Lovely Kiku was also included. I think most people have heard of Yankee Candles and know that their candles are always of a really high quality. This had a really lovely scent with notes of vanilla and chrysanthemum.  My room smelt heavenly when I burned this.

Sunshine Box

There’s nothing better than a long hot soak in the bath. Sadly, I can’t do that anymore due to my illness but I can still appreciate how gorgeous this heart-shaped bath bomb is. Even through its packaging you could really smell the beautiful rose scent. I love the dried flowers in it too. Just because I can’t take a bath, doesn’t mean I can’t use this though. You have to think outside of the box. I use bath bombs in a bowl of hot water and soak my feet! Makes a lovely treat for my tootsies. lol

Sunshine Box Sunshine Box

Lastly, is this rather beautiful hand crafted rose. I thought this was quite different to include. Not something I would typically like myself but it is extremely well made and looks great. It’s really detailed and amazing that it is made with paper. Also, nice to keep because it will never wither and die.


Overall Thoughts About the Sunshine Box

Sunshine BoxThe Sunshine Box really is a bright ray of sunshine. They included really lovely and certainly useful items too. The fondue kit was a big surprise and a really fun item to put in the box. Heck, I am sure if you didn’t want to use it for melting chocolate, you could use it as a wax melt burner instead. The design is more or less the same.

Sunshine Box

One of the obvious things about February’s Sunshine Box is that it was focused on self-care and treating yourself.

It might not appeal to younger people and I can understand that. Most certainly it is a great box to gift to older relatives. I’m sure they would love opening up one of these.

To be honest, I really liked everything and the only item I wouldn’t have any real use for is the crafted rose, beautiful as it is.


How Much Is the Sunshine Box?

  • £15.00 inc p&p – monthly
  • £15.00 inc p&p – one-off box


Where Can I Subscribe to The Sunshine Box?

If you wish to sign up to the Sunshine Box, you can do so at the Pebblewise website. Or you can order just a one-off box if you prefer.

Sunshine Box by Pebblewise

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