Huxley Sale on – This week only!

Huxley Sale on – This week only!

We all know how hard it is to find some of the more sought after Korean skincare brands, like Huxley, when you live in the EU. Well, this week only you can find some amazing sales on all Huxley products over on SKINiD


Huxley’s concept is to create great products from risky ideas and bold attempts.

“We are never afraid of extreme environments, the highest mountains, deepest oceans, the most dangerous desert, to maximize the winning concept for the best skin vitality.”

For centuries, Berber women effectively used prickly pear seed oil to keep skin beautiful despite a life in a rough and barren environment. This ingredient can be found in the Sahara, in the vast and endless desert of North Africa. Naturally rich in linoleic acid, the prickly pear seed oil gives greater moisturizing effect than other ingredients. Huxley has dared to incorporate this super ingredient for their products, creating a modern skincare brand that brings out the natural value of the skin.

Just like Huxley’s quote says: Great things never came from comfort zones. – SKINiD Official Website 

Huxley sale at Huxley sale at

Don’t miss out on being able to grab your favourite Huxley product, or take this opportunity to try them for the first time!