Italinary November 2016

Italinary Food Box November Review

December 5, 2016

If you are looking for an authentic taste of Italy in the form of a monthly subscription then look no further than Italinary!

Italinary November 2016Italinary November 2016Italinary November 2016

Every month, Italinary will excite your taste buds by sending you ingredients so you can experience dishes that are typical of Italian Culinary tradition. All of the Italian products they include are sourced from local suppliers too, so you can be sure you are getting 100% authentic Italian ingredients.

The Italinary boxes will contain 7 or 8 products with which you can make Italian dishes but it will be a surprise until you receive your box, exactly what those products will be. Italinary will give you some hints along the way, so you can figure them out. Then you can conjure up lots of possible options to create fantastic dishes with your Italinary food box.

As you can see, the box comes absolutely full to the brim with ingredients and in this box was a lovely board too.  I was truly impressed when I opened it up and saw everything that was included in the box. You have all the ingredients you need to create an appetiser, a main meal and dessert. I love that you can basically cook a three course meal with the contents of your Italinary box.

Every product you receive will belong to one of these food groups too:-

  • Savoury baked products
  • Foods preserved in olive oil or vinegar
  • Cured meats
  • Creams and Pâté
  • Jam and honey
  • Pasta & rice & Co
  • Sauces
  • Spices and herbs
  • Olive oils and vinegars
  • Cereal and legumes
  • Soups
  • Dessert and cookies

Not only that but each box contains enough to feed up to 4 people too.

Italinary November 2016 Italinary November 2016 Italinary November 2016

Besides the ingredients you also get a lovely printed booklet telling you all about the products and where they originate from. It also tells you the ingredients in each product too. That’s super handy if you have any allergies or any ingredients you might need to avoid. There is also a code next to each product that you can scan with your mobile device to find out even more information about each product. Italinary have really gone the extra mile to provide information about the products that they have included in their box.


Inside The Box

So, let’s take a look at the products that were in this box. You can click on the names and they will take you to the Italinary website for more detailed information.

Italinary November 2016

Salame Strolghino of Culatello – A tasty sweet, salami and perfect for an appetiser. This was also a really generous size too.

Italinary November 2016 Italinary November 2016

Traditional Tarallini – These light and crispy little Tarallini are delicious and go perfectly with the Salame. They are a little similar to bread sticks, texture wise.

Italinary November 2016

Linguine – I’m pretty sure I don’t really need to explain Linguine. These are not cylindrical like spaghetti, they are long and flattened.  A very delicious Linguine, if cooked al dente.

Italinary November 2016Italinary November 2016

Preparation for Trenette alla Taormina – A taste of Sicily; all the spices and herbs you need to cook Trenette alla Taormina, one of the two dishes that you can prepare with the products in this Starter Box.

Italinary November 2016

“Taggiasca” olives with herbs – These olives are harvested by hand, singularly selected and preserved in extra virgin olive oil.

Italinary November 2016

Pesto with genovese basil DOP – with garlic – Similar to the pesto that you can make at home, this pesto is ready to season your pasta straight out of the jar. It’s made with high quality raw ingredients.

Italinary November 2016

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian – Tumaì –  This olive oil is made from the best Italian olives. Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is obtained by cold extraction, then stored and protected in this beautiful, very small, ampule shaped bottle.

Italinary November 2016 Italinary November 2016

Amaretti – These pretty little Amaretti di Saronno are really delicious. Crunchy, sweet and a perfect end to a meal. There three main ingredients are apricot kernels, sugar and egg whites.

Italinary November 2016

You also get this rather lovely, sturdy board too.

Now I could end it here BUT I’m not going to because I am sure you would like to know how all of this tasted once it was prepared. Incoming picture overload!

The box has ingredients for two recipes:-

  • Linguine al Pesto
  • Trenette alla Taormina

Italinary November 2016

Italinary November 2016Italinary November 2016Italinary November 2016Italinary November 2016Italinary November 2016

You get more than enough ingredients to feed up to 4 people. This was only using about half of everything. So you could prepare these two recipes twice for two people, or once for four quite easily I would say.

It was very easy to prepare. I have to be honest here and say I didn’t prepare this myself because, well, I literally can’t due to my condition BUT I was told they were very simple recipes to follow and it was quick and easy to make both of them. It makes a very impressive, authentic Italian meal.

Not only is it authentic but it also tastes fantastic too. From the Salame and Tarallini, to the Amaretti; it was all delicious. I’d say it was practically fool-proof to mess up too!

Along with this subscription, there will also be Special Boxes available from time to time. These are just one-off boxes and will not be subscriptions.

The Special Box at the moment contains everything you need to make authentic Pizza Napoli.


Overall Thoughts

This is a really fantastic subscription box. If you are really into cooking and love Italian food, then Italinary is quite literally, perfect for you. I’d also recommend it to people who maybe are just venturing into cooking because the recipes are not over technical or complicated for a beginner.

When you sign up you get The Starter box, which is this box. So you will know what to expect your first box. From there onward, each month will be a surprise.

I love that each month you will get to make and taste different authentic traditional Italian cuisine, made with 100% Italian products. It’s like a trip to Italy for your taste buds every month, all without leaving the comfort of your own home!

Italinary November 2016 Italinary November 2016 Italinary November 2016 Italinary November 2016

Italinary November 2016 Italinary November 2016 Italinary November 2016

I also think that Italinary would make a really, unique Christmas gift too for someone who loves to cook.

Or as a special gift for an Anniversary, or really any special occasion.

When you compare the price of this box to how much many of us pay out several times a month for takeaways and the like, it’s actually really great value. You will get at least 4 meals out of this box. I’m quite sure you would be hard pushed to go out to any restaurant here and have 4 meals for less than the price of Italinary.

The next Experience Box is “THE WARMTH OF SOUTHERN ITALY” and will be sent out between 5th and 10th January; so it will be delivered by 14th January. Sign up by 31st December to receive the January Experience Box.

Let Italinary take your taste buds on a tour of Italy each month. Sample the delicious dishes that this wonderful country has to offer.


How Much Is Italinary?

  • Monthly – £57.90 per month + free shipping
  • 3 Monthly – £55.90 + free shipping, pay every 3 months
  • 6 Monthly – £53.90 + free shipping, pay every 6 months
  • 12 Monthly – £49.90 + free shipping, pay every 12 months

I also have a code for you that will get you 10% off  every purchase in the Italinary Marketplace (past and singular boxes, pre-paid gift subscriptions only):-



Where Can I Purchase Italinary?

You can purchase your Italinary food box on their website:-

Official Website



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