January Paperhaul

Clowning Around With The January Paperhaul Stationery Box

March 4, 2017

I really just can’t help myself when it comes to stationery, which is why I always love when my Paperhaul subscription box arrives each month. The January Paperhaul has a clown/circus theme. Fun fact – I’m scared of clowns!

Thankfully these designs are not in the least bit scary, in fact they are rather adorable!

January Paperhaul

There were three circus themed postcards. I actually really love the washed out watercolours on these cards. The illustrations on each are really cute and fun.

January Paperhaul

A greeting card that is blank on the inside, so is perfect to use for any occasion. Cute design of hearts and a cat dressed as a jester. Once again, I love the illustrations and watercolours used.

January Paperhaul

A bright watercolour design on this cute notebook. Really colourful and a not so scary clown on it! You can never have too many notebooks. No, really, you honestly can’t!

January Paperhaul

A wash of pretty blues on the border of this notepad and featuring a pretty clown in all blue frills, in the bottom right hand corner. Great for jotting down notes, so handy to keep by the PC or laptop.

January Paperhaul

Lastly, is this sheet of stickers featuring the illustrations off the previous items, plus other illustrations too. They’re cute and fun and great to use in a planner, or anywhere you want really.


Overall Thoughts About The January Paperhaul

January Paperhaul

Despite my fear of clowns, I thought the illustrations were really well done. It’s hard to fear clowns when they looks this cute.

The watercolour style and colours were really quite beautiful and also had quite a retro feel too, I thought.

January Paperhaul January Paperhaul

How Much Does Paperhaul Cost?

  • £10.00 per month + p&p

They do ship worldwide with the following postage costs:-

  • UK postage: £2.00
  • EU postage: £5.00
  • Rest of world postage: £6.00

Where Can I Subscribe to Paperhaul?

If you’d like to subscribe to Paperhaul yourself, you can do so by visiting the link below and signing up:-

Official Website 


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