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January Pink Parcel Review

Little bit late with my review of the January Pink Parcel but here it is, better late than never! Pink Parcel is one of my favourite subscription boxes. Not just because they curate fabulous boxes each month but because they have the best customer service out of all the big subscription boxes I’ve dealt with.

You may have a good box but if your customer service is pants, chances are I won’t stay a customer for long!

Whilst I’m on the subject of good customer service, January also happens to be my Birthday month. I received a package about a day or two before my Birthday and I could see that it was from Pink Parcel. I had absolutely no idea what it was, as it wasn’t the same box that they use for subscriptions.

January Pink Parcel

As you can see, they sent me a big bar of chocolate for my Birthday! I think this is an absolutely lovely thing to do for their subscribers birthdays. Great customer relations and this is exactly why I love Pink Parcel so much.

But, I digress, so let’s delve into the January Pink Parcel box.

January Pink Parcel January Pink Parcel January Pink Parcel

The January Pink Parcel came with a copy of Look magazine too. I never buy magazines so it’s been really nice receiving one with my Pink Parcel subscription. Of course there was also the usual sanitary supplies for the month too. I really love not having to worry about running out or forgetting to buy any.

January Pink ParcelJanuary Pink Parcel

Wonderland Mascara rrp £11.50 – This mascara contains micro fibres to create volume and length. It has a really nice wand, that makes sure to coat all your lashes.It truly is effective in creating glamorous, long, full lashes.

January Pink Parcel

Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel rrp £2.60 – Perfect for people with troubled skin, this is something I won’t use myself. I rarely get any pimples now, even hormonal ones. I have dry and sensitive skin and I see no need to use this. I will pass this onto my teenage daughter though, as this will be perfect for her skin.

January Pink Parcel

Cuppanut Coconut Infusion rrp £4.50 for 15 bags – I don’t like coconut so sadly I won’t be trying this. This is a coconut infused tea. Naturally sweet, good for you and supposedly great for helping with headaches and cramps.

January Pink Parcel

Nairn’s Mixed Berries Oat Biscuits rrp £1.80 for 4 packs – This was pretty nice. An oaty biscuit with berries. Not too sweet and wheat free, which is great. It doesn’t hurt that they’re only 43 calories a biscuit too. Perfect to pop in your bag to have as a snack.

January Pink Parcel

The English Soap Company Vintage Rose rrp £4.95 – I love the pretty rose packaging on this soap. Infused with oils and shea butter this soap really leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished. Also has a really lovely, delicate rose scent.

January Pink Parcel

Burt’s Bees – Deep Cleansing Cream rrp £11.49 100g – Infused with chamomile and soap bark, this creamy cleanser will get rid of all the excess oil and dirt that builds up during the day. It leaves you with clean, soft skin.

January Pink Parcel

Montezuma’s Smooth Milk Chocolate rrp £21.99 for 26 bars – Organic and over 30% cocoa, this is a real shot of chocolately goodness. It was a really tasty little bar of chocolate. Plus, as it’s quite small, you don’t feel so guilty eating it either!

January Pink Parcel

Creative Nature Goji Goodness Flapjack Bar rrp £0.89 – This was probably the tastiest flapjack bar I’ve eaten. It was so moist and fruity and just really, really yummy. No added sugar and only 118 calories, I definitely need to get some more of these. You could really taste the berries in it. Just loved it!

January Pink Parcel

Seacret Skincare Samples – A range of samples from this rather luxury range of products, given they start at £69.95 for 50ml. I haven’t tried these and honestly, I probably won’t because I would never pay £69.95 for a product. I’m not that rich! lol


Overall Thoughts About The January Pink Parcel

January Pink Parcel

It’s another pretty solid box this month. My least favourite things are the Seacret samples and Cuppanut Coconut Infusion because they’re both something I won’t use.

My two favourites this month are the Creative Nature Goji Goodness Flapjack and the Wonderland Mascara.

It has to be said though that Pink Parcel consistently put out great boxes month in, month out.

Not only is this subscription fun to have because of all the goodies in the ‘For You’ box, it’s also practical too.

I just love that this box focuses on what is essentially for most women, a pretty crappy time of the month and they make it a lot more bearable. They provide us with the snacks we crave and skin care & makeup to treat us.

Just a fabulous box all round!



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