Kawaii Panda Box November 2016

Kawaii Panda Box November Review

December 9, 2016

I always look forward to receiving my Kawaii Panda Box because I never have any idea what’s going to be in it. Well, unless they post a sneak peek of an item on their Facebook page.

Kawaii Panda Box November 2016Kawaii Panda Box November 2016

This is consistently a really nice box for the money and everything that was in November’s box were new products to me, which is great! I love discovering new Kbeauty products.

Kawaii Panda Box November 2016

The first item in November’s Kawaii Panda Box is this The Saem Jeju Horse Oil Soothing Gel Cream.  It’s a thick, creamy consistency and really sinks into the skin.

  • creates a nourishing moisture layer, preventing skin from dehydration and softening the skin leaving it smooth to the touch.
  • The horse oil soothing gel cream prevents the skin from getting rough by creating a nourishing moisture layer.
  • Major ingredients: Horse Oil 100PPM / Capacity: 300ml
  • soothing ingredients (Centella asiatica extract, Portulaca Oleracea extract, aloe vera leaf extract.
  • Free of 7 additives: No paraben, artificial colorant, benzophenon, animal-originated ingredients, PEG, PG, formaldehyde

It leaves your skin feeling really soft and hydrated. I found it to be quite long-lasting too.

Kawaii Panda Box November 2016

How gorgeous is the packaging on this The Saem Gold Snail Bar? I’m not sure I’m going to be able to bring myself to open it, it’s so pretty. This is a luxury bar of soap that contains 24K gold amongst its beneficial ingredients.

  • – Containing 24K Gold, Snail Mucus extract.
  • – It seems to feel like being in high-class salon.
  • – Soft and clear skin care soap.
  • – 24K gold and snail extracts care skin plant enzyme ingredient make the soft skin by removing impurities and dead skin rough.
  • – Golden Olive and hyaluronic acid helps to keep the skin moist after washing without bumping

Kawaii Panda Box November 2016Kawaii Panda Box November 2016 Kawaii Panda Box November 2016

This rather pretty Skinfood Avocado & Olive Lip Balm is so cute. I love the novelty factor of some Korean beauty products. This is super cute to carry around. As for its moisturising power? Well, it was a little bit of a let down. I have really dry skin and ergo, dry lips. This balm doesn’t really do much for them. It feels nice but you’d constantly have to reapply this and even then, I don’t think it sinks in to provide deep down hydration.

Kawaii Panda Box November 2016

A’pieu Chocolate Milk One-Pack Mask – I’m pretty sure I have a green tea one of these too somewhere in my stash. Trust me when I say ‘stash’ I’m talking well over a 100 masks. I know. I might have a bit of an addiction. The chocolate one is apparently for smoothing.

The main ingredients in this mask are milk extract, cacao extract and plum extract. It’s supposed to soften, hydrate and leave the skin glowing and smooth.

Kawaii Panda Box November 2016

This next mask is the Missha Almond Milk Sheet Mask. Another mask I have never tried before. This mask is for moisturising.

Kawaii Panda Box November 2016

The last item for November is this Welcos Jeju Volcanic Island Jeju Narcissis Aqua Mask. This mask is another one for moisturising and hydrating the skin. It’s almost like they knew my skin loves these kinds of mask, being so dry.


Overall Thoughts

Kawaii Panda Box November 2016

I have no complaints whatsoever about the Kawaii Panda Box. I always look forward to it each month and I always love the products inside.

What I also really like about this box is the flexibility; it isn’t a subscription, so if you want to skip a month, you just don’t buy it.

The Kawaii Panda Box always comes with full-sized products, which is another thing I love about it too.

Really, it is a great Kbeauty box and it would take a lot for me to not purchase it every month.



To celebrate the launch of the revamped website, Kawaii Panda are kindly giving my readers 10% off everything**on the website. (**excluding the Kawaii Panda Boxes)

Just use the code: BOXNIP10 when you make an order.



Kawaii Panda Box –  Website  £18.00 +p&p UK £3.20/ EU – £6.95



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