October 2016 Kawaii Panda Box – What’s In The Box?

November 14, 2016

Kawaii Panda Box is a monthly UK based Korean beauty box. It is slightly different from other monthly boxes as it’s not actually a subscription box. You have the freedom of choice each month to choose to order a box or not. This is great if you don’t like the idea of committing to a subscription or if you have never tried Korean beauty products and just want to order a one-off box to sample. So, let’s take a look at the October 2016 Kawaii Panda box!

Kawaii Panda Box October 2016

This months box was once again filled with cute Korean beauty products. There were 7 items in Octobers box and all full sized, which is pretty fantastic, if you ask me.

Kawaii Panda Box October 2016
Kawaii Panda Box October 2016
Kawaii Panda Box October 2016

First up is this rather adorable Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Dual Lip & Cheek compact.  It’s such a cute compact shaped like a pandas head, with pink hearts as blushing cheeks! This shade is Bubble Red; it is also available in Pink Baby. It’s a lovely creamy texture and can be used on your cheeks to give a subtle flush of colour, or equally as pretty used on your lips.  RRP $5.84 / £4.68 approx

Kawaii Panda Box October 2016

This Missha Pure Source Pocket Pack Shea Butter is a lovely mask and comes in a variety of options. The Shea Butter one I received is for Nourishing and it is a sleeping pack. So you apply at the end of your nightly skin care routine and then wash off the next morning. This packet contains enough for 2-3 uses at least. RRP $0.66 / £0.53

Kawaii Panda Box October 2016

I’ve never tried any May Island products so I am looking forward to trying this 3 step Wrinkle Filler Skin Mask Pack. This mask contains Donkey Milk which apparently is the closest you can get to human breast milk; it protects and nourishes the skin without irritation. I love masks, all kinds BUT so far every mask I have tried that is more than one step, I always have a problem with the First Step. The cleanser usually irritates my skin so I am very interested to see if this one causes any irritation or not. RRP $8.50 / £6.81 per 10 pack

Kawaii Panda Box October 2016
Kawaii Panda Box October 2016

I have liked all products by Skinfood that I have had the pleasure to try. This Skinfood Balsamic Oil Peeling Overnight Serum & Mask was no different. It smells really lovely and feels great on the skin. It didn’t irritate my sensitive skin either.

Contains 25% balsamic vinegar extract made from 25-year-old wine from Modena, Italy, along with 5% olive oil!
A high-moisturizing night serum plus overnight mask that calms white flakes and helps you enjoy soft, smooth skin every day.

* Balsamic Vinegar Story: The premium wine vinegar from Modena, Italy, is enriched with the antioxidants vitamin E and polyphenols.

After cleansing in the evening, apply an even layer to face, avoiding the eye and mouth areas. Leave on overnight. Rinse off with warm water in the morning.
Application Tip:
1) Tone skin with toner or boosting serum before application for best results.
2) The formula is safe to use nightly, but you may use it 3 or 4 times a week if you have sensitive skin.  – Official Skinfood website

It’s available to purchase on for RRP £14.98 but it may be available elsewhere for less than that. Click here to purchase: [Skin Food] Balsamic Oil Peeling Mask*

So, I’ve come across snail mucin, donkey milk, birds nest and now…horse fat! This Choonee Horse Fat Rejuvenating Mask Pack contains Horse fat which apparently is quite close to human skin, so allows for easy absorption leaving the skin hydrated, rejuvenated and replenished. RRP £8.91 

The Etude House Tear Eye Liner is so pretty.  It’s a liquid liner and is quite shimmery and great for the upcoming festive season to add a touch of sparkle to your eyes. RRP $7.80 / £6.20 approx

Kawaii Panda Box October 2016

Ditebeau Honey Jam Mask contains propolis and honey extract and is for moisturing and nourishing your skin. This is a brand I had never heard of before, so it’s great to get it in my Kawaii Panda Box. RRP $6.87 10 pack

My Overall Thoughts on the October 2016 Kawaii Panda box

Kawaii Panda Box has been consistently good ever since I first started ordering it. I’ve always loved every box and the October 2016 Kawaii Panda box was no exception.

Kawaii Panda Box October 2016

There are three brands included in this month’s Kawaii Panda Box that are either new to me or that I know but haven’t had the chance to try any of their products yet.

Kawaii Panda Box October 2016
Kawaii Panda Box October 2016
Kawaii Panda Box October 2016
Kawaii Panda Box October 2016

This a fab little box for dipping your feet into the world of Korean beauty and I would definitely recommend it.

There are no ties to a subscription and they also have a great online store now too.

Discount Code

To celebrate the launch of the revamped website, Kawaii Panda are kindly giving my readers 10% off everything**on the website. (**excluding the Kawaii Panda Boxes)

Just use the code: BOXNIP10 when you make an order.



Kawaii Panda Box –  Website  £18.00 +p&p UK £3.20/ EU – £6.95


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