August 2016 Kawaii Panda Mask Pouch review

September 19, 2016

August 2016 Kawaii Panda Mask Pouch review

September 19, 2016

Along with the Kawaii Panda Box I have been having their Mask Pouch and this is my second selection of sheet masks that I received.


First is this cute Berrisom Animal Mask in Red Ginseng. This is a cute Tiger mask and it contains red ginseng extract which will firm rough and dried skin. It also contains ceramide and glacial water which will moisturise and vitalise the skin too. Resulting in glowing, healthy skin.


The next mask is this Damask Rose Mask from Etude House. This is a very thin 0.2mm mask and great for sensitive skin. it’s for Brightening and Moisturizing and contains Damask Rose to hydrate and niacinamide to brighten. It will leave your tired skin, bright and dewy.


The third mask is this 3W Clinic Fresh Potato Mask Sheet. I don’t think I have ever seen a potato sheet mask before. It contains potato extracts to clarify skin without stickiness and is rich in vitamins, minerals & essential fatty acids to deliver moisture. It also offers anti-inflammatory properties to soothe stressed skin. It is supposed to leave the skin, soft smooth and radiant.


We then have this Green Tea Essence Mask by MJCare. It is suitable for all skin types and apparently will make your skin more elastic, moisturised, clear and relaxed.


The last mask is this Milatte Fashiony Ginseng Mask Sheet. This highly concentrated nourishing mask sheet contains red ginseng extracts which helps to restore skin smoothness and firmness. It revitalises tired skin and will help keep skin looking refreshed and radiant.

My Overall Thoughts on the August 2016 Kawaii Panda Mask Pouch

I have really enjoyed getting the Kawaii Panda Mask Pouch last month and this month. It’s been fun getting a selection of masks that I haven’t actually chosen. It’s a great way to try new ones out and discover new brands of masks. I actually really love the fun ones, like the Berrisom one and the Millate Fashiony one. They may be fun but they are also very good masks too.


Please note: I’m not sure if this Mask Pouch will still be available as it’s no longer on the Kawaii Panda website since the revamp. I will try to find out asap and update when I can.

In the meantime you can purchase individual sheet masks from the Kawaii Panda website now.

**UPDATED** I have checked with Kawaii Panda and the Mask Pouches are no longer available as you can now purchase sheet masks from their online store as and when you want to. The cost would work out the same as the Mask Pouch were you to purchase 5 sheet masks. This way you can purchase as many or as few as you desire though.

Where to Buy?

Kawaii PandaWebsite – you can also get 10% off** using the code: BOXNIP10  (**excluding Kawaii Panda boxes)


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