kawaii panda mask pouch

September 2016Kawaii Panda Mask Pouch

September 24, 2016

I’ve only had the Kawaii Panda Mask Pouch for around 3 months I think and this is actually the last one. As Kawaii Panda has now added sheet masks to their new online store there really was no reason for them to keep the Mask Pouch going. You can now purchase sheet masks from their website whenever you want to that would amount to the same cost that it would have been to have 5 masks in the Mask Pouch.

But with that said let’s take a look at the masks that were included in this months Mask Pouch.


This It’s Skin Prestige Rose de Black Mask Sheet is the first mask in the pouch. Funnily enough I bought a couple of these a couple of weeks ago but haven’t yet tried them out.

This product provides elasticity and leaves your skin feeling moist and smooth with black rose (rose extract 5,000ppm), Rose Water (Rosa Centifolia Flower Water) and NMF of natural moisturizing system. It contains Adenosine and Niacinamide that help to manage the appearance of fine lines and skin radiance.


The second mask is this Tony Moly Master Lab Intensive Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Mask. This mask provides intense moisturising which should be great for my dry skin.


Thirdly we have the A’Pieu Tangle Jelly Mask Grape.  This one is an aqua seal sheet and elastic jelly type – I will let you know exactly what that is when I use it lol Basically, this mask is for whitening, or better known as brightening. 

The fourth mask is a brand I am not familiar with and this is the Dr. Young Clear and Glowing Sky Mask Special Care System Jeju Citrus. This mask is for soothing, tightening and moisturising – yes please! I could do with all three of those!


The fifth and final mask is The Saem Pure Natural Mask Sheet Snail (Brightening). This is actually another mask I recently purchased myself too but still haven’t actually tried yet. I’m hoping it’s going to be good. It’s formulated with snail extract which provides intensive moisture. 4 kinds of white flower complex  which gives clear and bright skin care. No parabens, artificial colours, benzophenone, or sulphates.

Overall Thoughts

I’ve really enjoyed having the Kawaii Panda Mask Pouch and will actually miss it. I know I can just choose my own masks to buy but I do like the surprise of not knowing what you are going to get each month. There has always been a good selection and all the masks have been really great.

kawaii panda mask pouch

If you want to purchase any sheet masks, then you can do so from the Kawaii Panda website, and you can get 10% off too, using my code: BOXNIP10


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