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What Is A Mock Up & Why You Should Use Them

AD | These days there are so many talented people starting their own online business or selling their creative designs on Etsy. These can include items such as stationery, lifestyle accessories, clothing, website/blog designs etc. For customers visiting your online store, it is a good idea to provide them with a mock up of your product. Through the use of a mock up, they can get a good idea of what the finished product will look like.

So, What is a Mock Up?
It is a high-res image or graphic that you are able to insert your own design, photos and text into. This means that they are perfect for store owners, designers and bloggers to use.

What Is A Mock Up & Why You Should Use Them

They are useful for bloggers who might not be that adept at taking photos. Or for those who just don’t want to spend the time involved in styling & editing them. I know firsthand that it’s really time-consuming to take your own photos. So instead, they can download a suitable mock up, insert their own text etc and in minutes they have a stylish, polished photo they can use on their blog or social media.

Great for a product Mock Up

What Is A Mock Up & Why You Should Use Them

I love how my blog logo looks on this cup and it just illustrates the difference having a mock up can make when it comes to selling your own designs/products. It’s the next best thing to seeing your designs in person. You can clearly see in the mock up how good the design looks, in this case, my Logo on the actual cup.

Perfect to Use in Blog Posts

Using a mock up can be really useful if you’re writing a blog post that doesn’t require product shots. You could, for example, use a mock up of an iPad and insert a screenshot of your photo to drop into the iPad image.

What Is A Mock Up & Why You Should Use Them

See, it looks great, doesn’t it? It took me just a few minutes to drop in a screenshot of my website. This would be great to use when posting about blog-related, or social media topics. You could just as easily use Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook etc instead of your blog or website but I am sure you get the point.

Ideal for Showing Your Designs on Clothes

If you love designing T-Shirts then something like this mock up would be absolutely perfect to display your designs. You could easily display anything on this T-shirt and all the hard work has been done for you. All you have to do is drop in your design on the plain T-Shirt!

Photography Frame Mock Up

This is another brilliant mock up you could use. One for displaying framed artwork, like motivational words, quotes etc. As it is 1080 x 1080 pixels, it is perfect for use on Instagram and Etsy. You could put a quote of the day to post on Instagram. On an Etsy store etc you could display your art designs framed, so people can get an idea of how they might look once hung on the wall.

Displaying Your Art

What Is A Mock Up & Why You Should Use Them

Using a mock up like the one above is a really nice way to display your artwork. Once again due to its square 1080 x1080 pixels, it will fit nicely into your Instagram feed or on Etsy. I just dropped a pretty drawing of some flowers onto the blank drawing pad and it works perfectly with the mock up.

There really are so so many ways you could utilise mock ups, the ones I have shown you are actually all free too but prices start from as little as just over £1. I think that is excellent value for money as you could use them a lot more than just once.

Have you ever used a mock up before? Would you consider using one now?

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What Is A Mock Up & Why You Should Use Them
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