Get a lil’ Sweet & Fruity with Perfect Pamper November Review

November 29, 2016
Perfect Pamper Box November 2016

Get a lil’ Sweet & Fruity with Perfect Pamper November Review

November 29, 2016

This is my second Perfect Pamper Box which the lovely people at A Bundle Of kindly sent me to review.  You can see last months review HERE

If you’ve not heard of the Perfect Pamper Box, then you can read more about it HERE. To summarise though:-

A Bundle Of curate at least 4 products each month, focusing on their passion for handmade and cruelty free products, and bring them together in their Perfect Pamper Box. All of the products they include will have only been handmade in the UK. A Bundle Of  proudly support small independent businesses across the UK.

Perfect Pamper Box November 2016 Perfect Pamper Box November 2016 Perfect Pamper Box November 2016 Perfect Pamper Box November 2016

The Perfect Pamper Box comes in a simple sturdy white box printed with their logo. There is an information card with their website url & social media on one side, then flip it over and you have all the information on the products in your box. Pretty pastel pink tissue paper wraps your goodies, sealed with a cute little ‘Handmade with Love’ sticker. Just perfect!

The aromas that drifted out of this months Perfect Pamper Box when I opened it were nothing short of DELICIOUSLY AMAZING!

Sweet, candy scents and fruity fragrances escaped and just filled my room with yummy smells. Honestly, it really smelled so good! I LOVE fruity and candy like scents, so this box was such an absolute delight for me to open.

So, let me get down to the pampering and show you all the sweet and fruity goodness that I received this month!

Perfect Pamper Box November 2016Perfect Pamper Box November 2016

If you love the scent of Bubblegum and I’m talking Retro Bubblegum here, then this Retro Bubblegum Lip Balm will be right up your street. It’s made by The Soap Shop and they have done a fantastic job of replicating that unmistakable bubblegum scent. It took me right back to my childhood – trust me that was a LONG time ago – but this lip balm took me straight back. Not only does is smell fantastic but it’s lovely and nourishing for the lips as it’s made with organic Beeswax, Avocado Oil and nourishing Butters.

Perfect Pamper Box November 2016Perfect Pamper Box November 2016Perfect Pamper Box November 2016

I love face masks, all kinds. I think it’s become a little bit of an obsession for me if I’m honest! lol.  So, I was really excited to see this Carrot & Avocado Face Mask made by The Soap Shop. Handmade masks like these are fantastic. This one is made with Kaolin clay and of course has carrot and avocado essential oils too.  The Kaolin clay will draw out oil and impurities, giving your pores a thorough cleansing, whilst the carrot and avocado moisturise and repair your skin.

It’s super easy to use, just apply a thin layer, avoiding your eyes and lips of course and leave it on for 10 minutes. Then just rinse off with warm water and a face cloth.

I found this mask to be really lovely and moisturising on my face, it also brightened my skin somewhat too. I actually have the Pomegranate & Vitamin E in this too and it’s equally as nice.

Perfect Pamper Box November 2016 Perfect Pamper Box November 2016

Oh, this gorgeous ball of sweet-smelling bath bomb goodness! How I love thee! Honestly, you would too if your screen had smelly vision; talk about delicious scent! This Candy Girl Bath Bomb looks so pretty, with its lilac colour and the pretty pastel sprinkles. It gives off such a yummy scent of bubblegum and sweet candy. It really does smell good enough to eat.  You know your bath is going to smell amazing using this fizzing bath bomb – and you are sure to come out smelling delicious too! New Edition’s song ‘Candy Girl‘ from 1983 – I know, I’m showing my age – sums it up quite well:-

Candy Girl
You are my world
You look so sweet
You’re a special treat

Perfect Pamper Box November 2016

Perfect Pamper Box November 2016

Another The Soap Shop product is the Sweetie Pie Soap Bar. Once again, this soap smells AMAZING; those delicious bubblegum & sweet candy scents. With Avocado & Jojoba, this soap is really moisturising to dry hands. It leaves them feeling soft and smelling great. It’s a really great size too. In a small bathroom, this actually makes the whole room smell. It’s so lovely.

Perfect Pamper Box November 2016

Perfect Pamper Box November 2016

Lastly, but certainly by no means least, is this Raspberry Ice Dream Skin Smoothie Cube from Bath Bubble & Beyond. When I said everything in this box smelled amazing, I really wasn’t kidding. This smoothie cube has a gorgeous, fruity smell of raspberries. Basically a conditioner for your skin, you just rub this fruity cube over your wet skin after bathing. As you rub it over your skin, the creamy, fruity raspberry scent gets released and the nourishing Cocoa & Shea butters nourish you skin. It really does leave your skin smelling so good and feeling really soft.


Overall Thoughts

Perfect Pamper Box November 2016

November’s Perfect Pamper Box was a HUGE hit with me. I loved everything. There is nothing in it I would not use.  I love that everything is hand-made and that they are all made in the UK.  There was a lovely selection of products to be able to thoroughly pamper yourself, from head to toe!

Everything smells amazing; I love these types of scents so much; fruity, sweet, bubblegum, candy. Just perfect scents for me.

The other great thing about Perfect Pamper Box, is that they do tailor boxes to the individual.

That means that if certain products have gone down really well with current subscribers in a previous month, they give new subscribers the chance to also try those products out.

This box was tailored for me, which is why some of you might have seen some of these products in a previous box. I never got to try these products out before but now I have and I am so glad because they are just simply gorgeous.

Perfect Pamper will never send subscribers products they’ve already received.

Where Can I Sign Up For Perfect Pamper Box?

You can sign up to the Perfect Pamper Box on the A Bundle Of website.


Your first box will get shipped the very next working day, subsequent boxes will be billed on the 1st of each month and will be shipped out to you on the 15th of each month. Which means, if you sign up today, you can get your box shipped out to you tomorrow! How fab is that?!

Price: £12.00 per month + £2.95 P&P

You can also get  10% off your first box by using my code: BOXNIP10

Perfect Pamper Box November 2016

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