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August 2016 Pink Parcel

Gosh, it doesn’t seem like five minutes since I received my July Pink Parcel and here we are looking at the August 2016 Pink Parcel already! This year is flying by so quickly.

Anyway, for those of you who don’t know, Pink Parcel is a monthly period subscription box. Each month you receive a box containing your chosen sanitary products and a ‘For You’ box. This is the box that most people will be interested in because it’s the one with all the treats for us.


So, of course, the box has my usual tampons etc in it. You get to choose from a selection of tampons and pads when you sign up and you can change this at any time. You also get to choose from 3 delivery dates,  so there should be one to suit you. Your payments will always come out on the 2nd of each month though, regardless of your delivery date.

Ok, so let’s get into it shall we.

First up is this pretty bracelet by Estella Bartlett and this one is one of three that were available. The other designs were in coral and hot pink. I quite like this black & white one though. The neutral colours will pretty much go with anything. Price £12.99 – Full Size.


For the drink this month there is a sample of Match Tea from Teapigs which also comes with a code for 15% when you order Matcha at their website. Matcha tea is said to help improve concentration and support the immune system.  Just one serving of this Matcha is actually the same as 10 cups of regular green tea! Price 11.90 for 14 servings – Sample Size


Our sweet treat for this month is from Jealous Sweets and we received their Grizzly Bears. Jealous Sweets are 100% vegetarian and gluten-free, free from artificial colours and flavours and contain natural fruit juices. I’ve had Jealous Sweets before in a Pink Parcel box and they were really nice and so were these. Very soft gummy bears, bursting with fruit flavour and just really tasty. My only complaint, I wanted more lol Price £2.50 for 50g


SASS is an intimate care product and one any Pink Parcel regular will be familiar with. I still have plenty of their products from when there used to be a ‘Down There’ box included. I do much prefer the change they made though by removing that but still sending the odd intimate care product here and there. This is the SASS intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate which is supposed to reduce hair growth, hydrate and prevent ingrown hairs. Price £12.00 100ml full size – Sample Size received


We actually got 2 snacks this month and the second one is this bag of Crunch Apple Emily Fruit Crisps. They use the whole apple to create these fruity crisps. Now I am a BIG fan of dried fruit but although these did have a lot of flavour, they just weren’t for me, they were too hard and crispy for my liking. That’s nothing against the quality of the product, it was really great, it’s just my personal preference. Price £1.49 


There are actually three cosmetic items in this months box, the first being this Sunkissed Bronze Shimmer Dust Brush. You simply reveal the brush, click the bottom and the bronze shimmer powder is released. Perfect for adding a healthy summer glow to your face. Price £4.99 – Full Size


Secondly there is this Cougar Beauty 24 Hour Liquid Lipstick. This is one of four shades that I could have received. This liquid lipstick is a brand new product by Cougar and they are launching it exclusively through Pink Parcel. It provides a matte lip and claims to last 24hrs. I’ll have to put that to the test at a later date. Price 15.00 – Full Size


The third cosmetic and final item in this months box is the So Susan Haute Light Pencil. I’ve received this before when I used to subscribe to So Susan’s Lip Monthly Bag. This pencil is made with white truffle extract and Eyeseryl® peptide to help reduce eye bags and increase skin elasticity. This pencil is perfect for highlighting brow bones, inner eye  and well, anywhere else that you want to highlight really. Price £14.95 – Full Size


My Overall Thoughts on the August 2016 Pink Parcel

I was really delighted with the August 2016 Pink Parcel and it is certainly well worth the money for the products it contains. There is a nice balance of products from make-up & jewellery to sweet treats and Pink Parcel always curate such a well-balanced box each month for their customers. It’s just a really lovely subscription box which is sure to put a smile on your face and feel a little pampered during what can be a crappy time of the month for a lot of us. It’s definitely a keeper, this box.


I also want to say, Pink Parcel have excellent Customer Service too, which is a BIG plus.

Where Can I Buy It?

Pink Parcel Website – Pink Parcel

How Much Does It Cost?

Pink Parcel £10.50 inc p&pWhen you subscribe you get your FIRST BOX for only £6.99

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