Scentpick August and September Review

October 12, 2016

For those of you who may not of heard of Scentpick, it is a monthly perfume subscription where you receive 30 days supply of a perfume of your choice from a selection available, each month through your letterbox. It’s a great way to have a lot of different perfumes to suit your mood and different occasions. Plus it’s an excellent way to try out new perfumes too.

I am more than a little behind on my Scentpick reviews but as I have actually cancelled my subscription at present to allow me to try other subscriptions, I thought I would combine the last 3 months in one post.

So for August’s Scentpick I chose Femme by Hugo Boss. This was a fragrance I was not so keen on.


I liked it, I just didn’t love it. I expected it to be a little fruitier than it actually was.


My last choice was for September’s and for this I decided to try Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo. I really enjoy this fragrance a lot. I would definitely be inclined to purchase the full size version of this…or twist someones arm to buy it me for Christmas lol Either way, it is a gorgeous scent and along with the two previous Marc Jacobs scents is one of my favourites that I have received from Scentpick.

Overall Thoughts

Scentpick is still a fantastic way to try out new perfumes before buying the full size. No worry about fighting your way through people in crowded department stores and ending up with no sense of smell at all after trying a dozen perfumes in one day. With this subscription you can choose from a pretty wide selection now, what you’d like to try and you can choose months ahead too. A little improvement they made recently.


Scentpick – £9.99/ month with free shipping (free sleek black atomiser case with your first order)


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