Skinn Collagenesis

Skinn Collagenesis Set from Ideal World TV

March 27, 2017

Ideal World TV will be celebrating their 17th Birthday this Wednesday, 29th March. As part of the celebrations, they will have this Skinn Collagenesis Set,  which also includes 2 more additional Skinn products, Skinn Insta-Fill for Eyes and Insta-Fill for Lips. (shown below)

Skinn CollagenesisSkinn Collagenesis

This amazing set will be on sale at just £39.99 – it usually retails for £198.94. So, this really is a fabulous deal.

The Skinn Birthday Collagenesis set will consist of:-

  • 1 x Skinn Collagenesis 24 Hour Youth Preservation Cream Elite 50ml
  • 1 x Skinn Collagenesis Stem Regen Face Serum 30ml
  • 1 x Skinn Collagenesis Stem Regen Eye Serum 15ml
  • 1 x Skinn Collagenesis Lip Stem Rejen Serum Elite 15ml
  • 1x Skinn Insta-Fill For Eyes
  • 1 x Skinn Insta-Fill For Lips

Skinn focuses on what goes into the jar and how it will make you look, using the company motto “what counts is inside”. Skinn cosmetics honours traditional methods by using pure, natural ingredients. These classic traditions combined with the most advanced technology differentiate Skinn from all other cosmetic brands.

I didn’t have time to test these for the usual amount of time, so my review is a first impression one. Let’s take a look at four of the Skinn Collagenesis products that I have been using the last few days.

Skinn Collagenesis

Skinn Collagenesis Stem Regen Face Serum 30ml

Skinn Collagenesis

This light pink, creamy serum has three key ingredients:-

  • Glacier water
  • Snow Algae Powder
  • Alpine Rose

The Glacier Water helps to keep your skin moisturised. The Snow Algae Powder helps to give long-lasting radiance and smooth skin. lastly, the Alpine Rose will help to enhance your skin’s natural vitality. It also allows your skin to cope better with climate changes.

It’s a real pleasure to use this serum. It’s fairly lightweight and you only need a small amount because it does go a long way. It absorbs well into the skin. I didn’t find it greasy either and it also has a very light, fresh aroma too.

In the few days I’ve been using it, I’ve not had any irritation or reaction either.


Skinn Collagenesis

Skinn Collagenesis Stem Regen Eye Serum 15ml

Skinn Collagenesis

The eye serum is a slightly lighter consistency than the serum but still creamy. It contains the same 3 active ingredients too:-

  • Glacier Water
  • Snow Algae
  • Alpine Rose

It’s also formulated with a natural plumping active that is derived from the resin of the Indian tree Guggul. This helps to moisturise the skin and at the same time, it helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Resulting in a smoother looking skin.

I have really been loving this eye serum. I find it quite cooling to use, it’s not heavy around the eyes, absorbs easily and leaves my eye area feeling refreshed. It has the same light, fresh scent that the serum has.


Skinn Collagenesis

Skinn Collagenesis Lip Stem Rejen Serum Elite 15ml

Skinn Collagenesis

Skinn CollagenesisA light yellow, creamy serum, this Lip Stem Rejen Serum feels really nice to use. Once again, it contains the same active ingredients

  • Glacier Water
  • Snow Algae
  • Alpine Rose

It also contains a naturally derived active from sesame seeds. This helps to smooth lines around the lips including, marionette and nasolabial folds. Smoothing these lines gives a more rejuvenated and youthful appearance.

You can use this in the morning and night, plus you can use it throughout the day too.

I really love this serum. When you apply it, it has a really cooling, tingly sensation. It smells quite minty and very fresh. It’s a real pleasure to use on my skin, especially when my face is hot, which it always seems to be at the moment. The cooling sensation is just so refreshing.

This was definitely my favourite product out of the four. Really easy to apply, non-greasy and sinks into the skin with ease. I also really liked the fact that you could reapply this during the day when you wanted to.


Skinn Collagenesis

Skinn Collagenesis 24 Hour Youth Preservation Cream Elite 50ml

Skinn Collagenesis

Skinn CollagenesisThis cream contains Capryloyl Salicylic Acid and along with two million pure active plants cells, assists with your skin’s top layer cell turnover. Keeping your skin rejuvenated and revitalised.

Some noted active ingredients include:

  • Norway Spruce – provides anti-ageing benefits
  • Alpine Armeria – redefines skin appearance, helping to prevent the onset of wrinkles by reinforcing skin’s resistance to sagging or drooping.
  • Edelweiss – it’s antioxidant properties help skin appear more youthful whilst also combatting environmental irritants.

As we age, our skin’s natural top layer cell renewal decreases considerably. This is why our skin can look dull and dry.

The cream has quite a unique texture. In the pot, it appears, very solid, not creamy and almost has a rubbery, kind of bouncy resistance when you touch it.

However, as soon as you scoop some out, it becomes a really rich, creamy consistency. It has a pleasant, floral scent but not overpowering.

Use this cream in the morning and at night, apply more liberally.

It will help to make your skin look firmer, more supple and smooth.


Overall Thoughts About Skinn Collagenesis Set

Skinn Collagenesis

Considering I only had a few days to try these products, my first impression of them is a really good one. They feel fantastic on the skin, they don’t irritate or cause my sensitive skin to react in any way.

I’ll definitely be continuing to use them in my skin care routine.

To pay just £39.99 (rrp £198.94) for these 4 products PLUS 2 extra, I think is an incredible bargain and definitely worth it.


Where Can I Purchase Skinn Collagensis Set

To take advantage of this fantastic birthday sale from Ideal World TV, you can hop over to their website to grab one of these sets at the sale price from Wednesday 29th March:-


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