Spend A Little Face Time With The February Little Bit Lavish

March 2, 2017
February Little Bit Lavish

Spend A Little Face Time With The February Little Bit Lavish

March 2, 2017

Since Little Bit Lavish launched last year Becky has consistently come up with fabulous themes each month and curated products for them beautifully. The February Little Bit Lavish theme is ‘Face Time’. Inside the box are gorgeous products to enable us to really give our face a truly luxurious pampering treat.

February Little Bit LavishFebruary Little Bit Lavish February Little Bit Lavish

As you can see the February Little Bit Lavish was so packed this month you couldn’t have possibly have fit anything else in there. Everything looked great but the first thing that really caught my eye was the tin with the dried flowers – what was this?

February Little Bit Lavish February Little Bit Lavish February Little Bit Lavish

Southsea Bathing Hut Botanical Facial Steam rrp £5.00 – Now this was something really different to find in a subscription box. I’ve never tried a facial steam like this before. The dried flowers are gorgeous and release such a beautiful aroma. It’s a little hard for me to use something like this because of being bed bound. I can’t sit with my face over a bowl of boiling hot water. I will try to fathom out a way to do it though. Also, I just love the fact that you can strain the flowers afterwards and keep the water as a facial toner.

February Little Bit Lavish February Little Bit LavishFebruary Little Bit Lavish

Friars of Keswick Pink Champagne & Strawberry Truffles rrp £2.95 – Don’t tell my Diabetes this but I am partial to a good champagne truffle. These were phenomenal. Creamy white chocolate, and a dreamy strawberry and pink champagne centre.  I would love to purchase some more of these and also try more of their truffles if these are anything to go by. Absolutely delicious.

February Little Bit Lavish

Balance Me Beauty Skin Bright Toning Mist rrp £12.50 – I’ve actually become a really big fan of face mists in general. This toning mist is all natural and claims to be very hydrating and minimises pores without over drying. It is also supposed to plump your skin too. I have really liked Balance Me Beauty products in the past but I was a little disappointed with this one.

I’m not very keen on the smell if I’m totally honest and compared to other toning mists I own, this didn’t really do much for my skin. It feels nice and cooling but it didn’t minimise my pores, or plump my skin. In fact, it didn’t really moisturise my skin very much either.

I’d use it as a refreshing cooling mist but I wouldn’t use it as a toner. Sadly, it just wasn’t for my skin. You can apparently use it to set your make up too.

February Little Bit Lavish February Little Bit Lavish

Your Face Cool Cucumber Eye Pads rrp £2.99 – You get 10 pads in this packet, so 5 uses altogether. They are to soothe tired eyes and help reduce any puffiness. I’ve used these today because I’ve had a skull crushing headache that has been borderline migraine since last night.

One of the good things about these eye pads is that they do come in a resealable packet. It was a little fiddly to separate them but not that much trouble.  The eye pads have a really pleasant fresh smell. You can definitely smell the cucumber. Also listed in the ingredients is Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Green Tea.

February Little Bit Lavish

I found they had an immediate cooling effect when I placed them over my eyes. Due to my headache they felt amazing and actually did help. In fact, after the 10 mins was up, I placed both on my forehead! Waste not want not. They were still saturated in essence so I figured why let it go to waste. My eye area afterwards felt really soft and smooth too. I can’t say if they reduce puffiness because my eyes weren’t puffy to begin with.

For the price, I really like these eye pads and I would definitely purchase them in the future.

February Little Bit Lavish

Sõsar Sacred Forest Peat Mask rrp £8.00 – One of my weaknesses when it comes to skin care products is face masks. I just really enjoy using them. Be it a sheet mask, peel off or wash off, I just love a good mask. I’ve never tried a peat mask before, so was excited to try this and really pleased to see it in the February Little Bit Lavish.

February Little Bit Lavish

I applied the mask with a brush, so it was less messy for me. The peat is supposed to balance your skin depending on your own skins needs. It removes toxins, decelerates the ageing process and deeply cleanses and moisturises.

The smell is not that pleasant, at least for me, but I do have a really sensitive sense of smell. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t horrible, it was just a really earthy smell.

After application I did feel a kind of tingling sensation and slight warming. I was a little worried that my sensitive skin was reacting to it but I stuck it out for 5 minutes, then washed it off.

Removing the mask was quite tedious and messy. It really took some removing.  This is probably fine for someone who is healthy and can stand over a sink washing it off. Due to my condition, it was very painful for me. I was exhausted afterwards.  It’s why I tend to favour sheet masks or peel offs over wash offs where possible.

However, my skin did feel really soft afterwards. There was no tightness but it did feel a little drier than usual. As warned, there was some redness to my skin but apparently that means the mask is doing its job. I’d definitely recommend this mask, if you don’t mind it taking a while to remove.

February Little Bit Lavish February Little Bit Lavish

Tisserand Urban Spa Headband rrp £7.75 – I thought about using this headband whilst I did the peat mask but I didn’t want to risk getting it dirty! This headband is bamboo, incredibly soft and very lightweight. It did feel a little snug for me but I prefer that as it keeps your hair back better. When you are into skin care you can never have too many headbands!


Overall Thoughts About The February Little Bit Lavish

February Little Bit Lavish

Overall this was a really fabulous box from Little Bit Lavish. I think Becky has it down to a fine art when it comes to themes and finding the perfect products. One of the things I love most is that this box always brings new brands and products to my attention.

That’s what I want from a subscription box. The whole purpose of them as far as I am concerned is to discover new products and new brands.


Important Changes

There will be a slight change from now on for Little Bit Lavish.

There will not be a March box as Little Bit Lavish is going bi-monthly from now on. All current subscribers have been notified of the changes and given options regarding this.

When I have more details I will update.



  • Bi Monthly – TBC

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