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Spongedry – Your Blenders New Best Friend

There is a new beauty tool on the market and if you use a blender, you are definitely going to want this in your life.  Say hello to the Spongedry by Basic Beauty Tools!


Now tell me, how fed up do you get when you’ve used your blender and you have nowhere to store it? Or, you’ve just washed it clean and you need to put it somewhere to dry? I find it a complete pain knowing where to keep my blender so it doesn’t get dirty, transfer foundation, or just get squished out of shape!

Put it in your make up bag and it’s just going to get foundation over everything; not to mention it’s pretty unhygienic too. More than likely it will get squashed as well.

You certainly can’t dry a clean one in a make up bag either. That’s just asking for it to go mouldy!

This is where the Spongedry is just brilliant.

This innovative little beauty tool will cradle your blender safely in its stand. It will allow it to air dry all over, because the air can get to it from all angles. That means it helps prevent bacteria and mould from building up on your blender. It’s a much cleaner and hygienic way to store your blender.


They come in 4 different colours and will look good on any dressing table. You can choose from white, purple, pink and black.

Spongedry Spongedry

One of the other fantastic things about the Spongedry is that it folds completely flat too. Making it perfect to take away with you. Just pop it into its handy travel pouch and it’s ready to go.

You can use a variety of blenders with the Spongedry but I highly recommend using the Basic Beauty Tools Foundation Blender with it.

When you purchase the Spongedry, it does actually come with one of the Basic Beauty Tools  Foundation Blenders anyway.


The Foundation Blender also comes in pink, purple and black. They are latex and perfume free and can be used either wet or dry.

The teardrop shape and flat side allow for easy application in smaller areas, like under the eyes. With its unique micro cell texture, they take a minimal amount of water to get wet. Also, once wet, they won’t end up absorbing all your foundation or concealer but will actually deposit and blend it on your face.

The same unique micro cell texture that allows for easy water absorption, also allows for quick and even drying too.


Overall Thoughts About Spongedry & The Foundation Blender


I’m really impressed with this ingenious beauty tool. The Spongedry is such a simple design really. So easy to use and so convenient. I can’t find any fault to it.

The Foundation Blender is a pretty good blender too. It’s not too dense, or hard and has that nice ‘bounce’ when blending. When used wet, it really doesn’t absorb your foundation or concealer.

I really recommend checking out both of these fabulous tools, especially the Spongedry.

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How Much Is The Spongedry?

  • Spongedry – £14.99 / $18.99
  • Foundation Blender – £5.99 / $6.99


Where Can I Purchase A Spongedry?

Spongedry ships worldwide and if you wish to purchase a Spongedry or Foundation blender, you can do so on Basic Beauty Tools website:-


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