Takeaway Art – Reveal & Review November 2016

December 3, 2016
Takeaway Art November 2016

Takeaway Art – Reveal & Review November 2016

December 3, 2016

I’ve been asked to review quite a few subscription boxes now, ranging from beauty, food, lifestyle and stationery but Takeaway Art is the first art subscription box that I’ve had. I’m not even sure there are any other art subscription boxes, at least not in the UK to my knowledge.

Takeaway Art November 2016


So what exactly is Takeaway Art?

Takeaway Art is a Norfolk Art Subscription Box.

Each month they curate and deliver to you, original art that is produced by a different artist each month. The artists work in different mediums, so you could receive anything from prints, to paintings, to pottery. They even sent out a handmade vinyl record once.

How it works is that, early in the month, subscribers find out who the current artist is and what their preferred medium is. There will also be a hint at what that months box will contain. This is sent out in the form of an email, which in keeping with the whole ‘Takeaway‘ theme, is called ‘The Menu’. Just like a menu, this allows you to choose if you want to partake that particular month, or you can decide to pause your subscription, if you don’t think you will like that month’s art style.

Over the course of the month, Takeaway Art release more information on their social media about the artist for that month. This will include details of their previous work, any upcoming exhibitions or projects they are involved in. You can also find out where they get their inspiration from and work in progress for the box. This will introduce and help you to get to know the artist, whose work you will receive.

The actual contents of the Takeaway Art box will remain a surprise till you actually receive and open them though.

All the art pieces you receive each month in your Takeaway Art box will have been produced in Norfolk.

If you love art and are looking to find new artists and like to collect pieces of original art work, then this subscription could be just the thing for you.


November’s Artist – Sarah Beare

The Takeaway Art November artist is Sarah Beare.

Takeaway Art November 2016 Takeaway Art November 2016

This is the information that comes on the sheet in the photo above.

the be all and end all

Patterns run throughout the world – in beauty, nature, science and maths. When we see patterns we see recursive systems – intricate operations, ever connecting, ticking and winding. Tiny cogs that build and weave through our civilisation, moving us forward and keeping us in sync. With each curve, lip and line, we generate life filled with love, thought and empathy. Our patterns of systems allow us to draw breath, lift and fall. We use patterns of behaviour to understand others and predict their actions. Patterns give us structure and peace, and when we create new patterns we give birth to new ways of life and learning.

Whether they are complex or infinite, we see patterns in each facet of every moment.

Picking out the simple beauty of the patterns that run through our everyday lives is artist Sarah Beare who looks to be creative in everything she does.

“Creativity is the be all and end all,” she says. “Creating a new piece is a bit like an addiction, you keep trying to make it better and when you do it’s like a fix.”

Although she has been making things since she was a child, Sarah originally started to focus her work on printmaking and grew from there.

“I love that when you print, you can do things over and over but in different ways. It’s an interesting process. You can do one thing then change it and then change the colours – I like the trans-formative nature of creative methods.

You take some simple ingredients and end up with something new each time you lift the etching plate,” she says.

It wasn’t long before Sarah soon learnt more about laser cutting and started experimenting by learning the patterns of some harpsichord rose parchments.

“They’re placed in the soundboard of a harpsichord and the patterns are just beautiful. I really got into the geometry of the patterns and I started to recycle them,” says Sarah.

She even adopted some of the patterns from the parchments to make some miniature thrones.

Keeping her work quite colour neutral, Sarah focuses on the intricate patterns to express the detail and voice in her work. “It’s about shape – colour would be a distraction,” she says.

Working with thick card in cream and white, Sarah’s work carries with it a contemplative mood and is inspired by the very world around us.

“There are so many amazing patterns in the natural world and in the human form. Bodies are very expressive,” she says.

With a bustling workshop at home, Sarah often uses digital tools to help her create her pieces including her own laser cutter.

“It’s an amazing tool. We’re extraordinarily lucky to live in this digital era. I like the independence of working for myself but I like being able to decide on what I’m going to do and what I’m going to concentrate on. I have a lovely big workshop stocked with tools and materials that are full of potential,” she says.

Exclusively for Takeaway Art, Sarah has created a delicate string of five baubles which are each made up of three discs all in a line and follow a harpsichord rose parchment pattern.

“They combine these really old designs from the 16th and 17th centuries which I have adapted from some old photos,” she says. “They’re like beads on a string – you fold out the sides and then you can hang them up,” she says. “I had the idea and the patterns and then developed it from there. I’m really pleased with them.

“When people see them, I want them to feel peaceful. They’re pretty and complicated at the same time so you can just get lost in the patterns.”

Takeaway Art November 2016 Takeaway Art November 2016Takeaway Art November 2016 Takeaway Art November 2016 Takeaway Art November 2016 Takeaway Art November 2016

You can find out more about Sarah at:-


Overall Thoughts

This was a really different subscription box for me and I’m sure it would be for many others. I think lovers of original art pieces would really enjoy this unique subscription box.

If you are into art then you would really appreciate getting to see all the different artists; learn about them and get to own an original piece of art by them too.

The artist this month, Sarah Beare, created such a pretty string of intricately designed baubles. So pretty and delicate. I’ve always loved patterns and these ones are gorgeous, you can really just get lost in them. They look really beautiful when you hang them up. Especially when a breeze hits them, and they rotate softly, they are really quite hypnotic.

Some of you may be thinking that the price of this subscription is a lot for what you get BUT you have to remember that you are getting an original piece of artwork, and that artist has to be paid for the time it takes to design/plan a piece and the time it takes to actually create it. It’s not a cheap process.

When you take all that into consideration it’s actually well worth the cost of the subscription.


Takeaway Art Subscription Plans

The Takeaway Art box subscription plans vary in length and price:-

  • Starter – £28.50 on the 20th of each month
  • The Main –  £75.00 on the 20th day of every 3rd month (works out at £25/month) 
  • The Double – £144.00 one-off payment for 6 months (works out at £24/month) 
  • All You Can Eat plan – £264.00 one off payment for 12 months (works out at £22/month) 

The signing up deadline is the 20th of the month, with boxes going out 3-6 days after that. This is to allow the artist time to create enough pieces. The one exception to this is December when they try to send everything in time for Christmas.

Sign up before 15th December to guarantee the first box will arrive in time for Christmas

Takeaway ArtOfficial Website

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