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Thoughtful Gifts For Mourning Families


The hardest part of life is when someone passes over and the family have to grieve for their loved one. When you know someone who has lost a family member it can be difficult to know how best you should support them in their grieving process. This is especially true when it comes to choosing a gift to give at the funeral or something to give afterwards as a token of respect. But today we have a few ideas of things you can send or give to a family who has just lost someone.


One of the most simple gifts you can give as a token of sympathy to a family is a bunch of flowers. Flowers are an easy idea because they are unbiased and simply offer a reminder of the life which has been lost. You can send sympathy flowers by post or in person depending on where you are at the time and it can be something which cheers the family up and allows them to think of something more positive for a moment.

A photo frame

The idea of giving a gift to a family who has recently lost someone is hard and it can be difficult to know what is appropriate to give. One thing which is always going to be a winner in the family’s eyes is a photo frame of them with the lost family member or a large group photo of everyone including you. It can be something which takes them back to a more positive time and it can make all the difference to them.

A poem

For those of the family who will be unable to speak at the funeral due to being too upset, you could do them a huge favour and take their place at the altar, reading out a beautiful poem to remember them once they are gone. The weight this will lift off their shoulders is worth more than any gift and the support you can give will be the best thing they could hope for on such a hard day.

Ashes Jewellery

Depending on whether the person who has passed will be cremated or buried, you could actually do something which can be more than valuable for the family. There are many companies out there who make amazing jewellery out of the ashes of people who have died and this will mean that the family can literally carry their loved ones around with them forever and ever. It can be the most amazing thing and it will let them hold onto their loved one forever.

A Shirt Pillow

Or someone who has lost a family member, the thing they often want more than anything is a hug. You can make it so that they are always there for a hug by turning an old t-shirt or jumper into a pillow for the family. It will have their scent on and it will be a way for them to always be by their side.

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