Hi, I’m Sarah, I aim to bring you, honest, unbiased reviews of beauty boxes along with skincare products and cosmetics. All boxes I review are paid for by myself unless otherwise stated by an asterisk (*).

For me, beauty should start from the base, skin deep and therefore skin care is a big priority for me. Why buy expensive cosmetic products to cover up minor flaws & blemishes etc. If you have a good skincare routine, you will have beautiful skin, to begin with, and won’t need to cover it up.


In 2015 I adopted the Korean skincare routine, so I will also aim to bring reviews on a lot of Korean beauty & skincare products. I also love to use natural products as my skin really loves them. My skin type is normal to dry & can sometimes be sensitive. So most of the products I review will be suited to my skin type.

Me and My Health

I am just your average forty-something woman with a love for skincare, makeup and beauty products. I am a mother of 5 children, the youngest being 18, the eldest being 27. I am also a Spoonie, ( Fibroosteoarthritis & Degenerative Disc Disease) and I have Type 2 Diabetes, PCOS and Pressure Urticaria, along with severe clinical depression and anxiety. That means I take an awful lot of medication on a daily basis. Nearly 30 tablets a day to be more precise.

In April 2017 I was also diagnosed with Horton’s Disease aka Giant Cell Arteritis. This was after being in the hospital for a week.

Due to the steroids, I take for Horton’s Disease, I lost my hair and it also affects my blood sugars and a year on in 2018, they are still in the 20s and I have just switched to two new insulin, which they hope will get them more under control. I’m still suffering severe head pain most days & am often exhausted on a regular basis. I’m currently waiting to see a neurologist to see if they will be able to shed any more light on it, as my new doctor wants to make sure it isn’t Trigeminal Neuralgia. He’s put me on a new medication which is supposed to be effective after a couple of days or so against Trigeminal Neuralgia, however, I haven’t noticed any difference, other than feeling more drowsy.

Due to my illnesses, mainly my DDD,  I have been housebound for the last 8 years and I am bedridden too. My life is spent 24/7 in my bedroom. It takes a toll on you mentally living with chronic pain and being confined to bed. That is another reason I started blogging: giving me something to focus on other than my chronic illness & other health issues. I feel like I have some purpose again, and I hope to make new friends. I get to talk about things I love with like-minded people. It’s kind of perfect.

Health UPDATE 2019

I am still experiencing severe head pain and am now under a Neurologist who has been sending me for various MRIs, CAT scans and to see other consultants. One of which has referred me for a PET scan, IF the hospital will allow due to the expense. I definitely DO NOT have Trigeminal Neuralgia, so the medication for that was stopped. Although now I have additional meds and also an increase in the different types of insulin I take & have also recently started Trulicty injection once a week. My blood sugars are still high and just don’t seem to want to come down. I also was told I have Chronic Microcytic Anaemia and have recently had two iron infusions in the hopes they will help but they don’t know the actual cause of it. So everything is still ongoing and I am still waiting on answers.

Health Update 2020

To be honest not much has changed since last year. I had some changes to my insulin but still take Apidra and now Tujeo, along with Trulicity which I take once a week and the oral medication Metformin twice daily at maximum dosage. My blood glucose readings have come down considerably since switching to the Tujeo though, so that is one good thing.

The issues with my head are still ongoing and with COVID-19 not much could be done. The rest of my conditions are a little bit worse but then I have been told to expect that, especially with my degenerative disc disease. I have definitely experienced more frequent and longer flare-ups of Fibro. June, July and August have been a struggle due to my mental health taking a beating and depression rearing its ugly head for most of it. I’m battling on as best I can though.

Now into November I have just had some blood tests done and whilst my HbA1c test had come down drastically, which is great news, I am now back to square one with my Chronic Microcytic Anaemia. So more blood tests have been arranged to see if they can narrow down the cause. My doctor thinks it either has to be a slow bleed internally somewhere or that my bone marrow isn’t producing enough red blood cells as there are too few of them and they are too small…so yay…NOT.

I really hope you enjoy your stay here and will drop by again real soon. Don’t forget to follow me on tweet regularly, post on my Facebook page and Instagram most days.

until next time Sarah