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The Cruelty Free Beauty Box July Review

It’s really great to see there are a fair number of cruelty free beauty boxes available now. A lot of people are making the switch to cruelty free products, so it’s great for them to be able to have a choice. One of the latest subscriptions is The Cruelty Free Beauty Box, and they very kindly sent me their July Beauty Box for review purposes.

There are two boxes available:-

  • The Make Up Box
  • The Beauty Box

Once you have chosen your box preference, you can then select your personal preferences. This means that you get products suited to your needs, style and tastes. Or if you prefer, there is an option to choose ‘Surprise Me’. The choice is really down to you!

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box

So, let’s take a look at what items were in Julys’ Cruelty Free Beauty Box!


Skin Refresh Gel Seaweed & Mint – PHB Ethical Beauty RRP £13.75

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box

I am a big fan of this gel and I have 3 jars of it now! It’s really soothing and cooling to the skin. Also great for insect bites when they are angry and itching like crazy – this gel is fantastic for easing them. It also happens to smell pretty darn nice too! It’s pretty much a great all-rounder when you want to soothe and moisturise your skin. It’s really refreshing on your feet – just need someone to give you a nice foot massage when applying it!


Concealer Brush – PHB Ethical Beauty RRP £8.50

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box

This is a lovely soft concealer brush by PHB Ethical Beauty. I’ve received some of their brushes before and they have all been of a really high quality. It’s also a great brush for highlighting too.


Vegan Lip Scrub – Fairy Pants RRP £3.99

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box

This very adorable pot of vegan lip scrub by Fairy Pants makes your lips feel super smooth & soft after use. This one is Parma Violet and it really does smell like it too. A big plus to this lip scrub is that you can lick it off afterwards! Seriously though, it’s a gorgeous lip scrub and will help get rid of dry, rough lips easily.


Frankincense Divine Face Serum – Awake Organics RRP £29.99 20ml

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box

I actually haven’t tried this yet because I don’t want it to interfere with other products I am already testing. It is a Vegan Super Food Serum though; promising to brighten, nourish, plump and hydrate dull skin, whilst also helping to diminish the fine lines too.

100% Plant Based, Mindful Face Oil

5 Active Essentials
Unadulterated Frankincense, Carrot Seed, Rose Geranium, Patchouli & Lavender essential oils instantly soothe and hydrate lacklustre skin, while minimising the appearance of fine lines. On a spiritual level, these mystical oils harmoniously promote a sense of wellbeing, calm and connection.

8 Organic Botanicals
Concentrated and vitamin-packed! Made with pure, organic ingredients direct from Mother Nature. Unprocessed, raw, Vegan and consciously sourced.

7 Bio-Oils
Unrefined, cold-pressed fruit, seed and kernel oils absorb deeply, for softer, brighter, plumper looking skin.

Source: Awake Organics


Super Light Coconut Cleanser – Balm Balm RRP £14.50 100ml

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box

Balm Balm is a brand I see fairly regularly in beauty boxes. However, I have never seen this cleanser before, so it was really nice to see a different product from them.  It’s a very light cleansing oil. Suitable for all skin types.  Simply massage the cleansing oil into your skin and remove with a damp muslin cloth. It does say you can also use it to remove eye make up.


  • Caprylic/capric triglycerides
    (Coconut Oil)


Overall Thoughts About The Cruelty Free Beauty Box

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box

I really enjoyed the products in the July Cruelty Free Beauty Box.

Even though I have received some of these products previously in other beauty boxes, they are all really high-quality products. Plus, as a beauty blogger that reviews subscription boxes, pretty sure I receive a lot more boxes than the average subscriber.

You can also choose to opt for either of  Make Up Box or the Beauty Box each month too. So you can swap each month if you want to. Just remember to swap before the 1st of the month you want it to change. There’s no limit to how many times you want to switch between boxes either.

On the 15th of each month, the products in the boxes get added to the Cruelty Free Beauty Box online store too.


How Much Does The Cruelty Free Beauty Box Cost?

  • The Make Up Box – £19.95 per month inc free shipping
  • The Beauty Box – £14.95 per month inc free shipping

There is also a 3-month & 6-month plan available too.

All Include Boxes Free Shipping within the UK.

They also ship to Europe, USA & Canada (Shipping costs are calculated at the checkout).


Where Can I Subscribe to The Cruelty Free Beauty Box?

You can sign up to either The Make Up Box or The Beauty Box at the official website. Plus, you can also visit their Beauty Shop too, which is their online store.

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box


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