Shadow Switch by Beauty Essentials

October 26, 2016

Take note guys because this little gem is going to revolutionise your make up kit! Shadow Switch is a fantastic beauty tool from Beauty Essentials, for dry cleaning your eye shadow brushes, so you can switch from one shadow to another without the need for several brushes!

Shadow Switch by Beauty Essentials

The Shadow Switch is made of a textured sponge and to use it, you simply press and swirl your brush around on the sponge in a circular motion. This cleans the brush and leaves all the powder on the sponge. Just make sure to swipe across the back of your hand after to make sure the brush is thoroughly clean.

Shadow Switch by Beauty Essentials

This makes the Shadow Switch great for travelling because it’s compact and there is no longer any need to take all your eye shadow brushes with you, as you can quickly and conveniently clean them with this.

Not to mention that if you have a chronic illness, like myself, and can’t stand for what feels like forever whilst cleaning brushes at the sink, then this is just ideal. You’ll still need to cleanse your brushes thoroughly every so often, but in the meantime this keeps them clean and hygienic too. My back is definitely thanking me for this product!

It’s super easy to clean the Shadow Switch sponge too. Simply clean it with warm water and fragrance free soap, then leave to air dry. If you use it regularly then Shadow Switch recommend you replace the sponge in it every couple of months or so, as the it will wear away after a time.

The Shadow Switch is great value though, so replacing it every couple of months or so certainly won’t be emptying your bank account.

Shadow Switch by Beauty Essentials

I would also recommend that you aren’t ‘heavy handed’ when cleaning your brushes with the Shadow Switch too because your brushes won’t thank you it. I found that swirling gently on the sponge more than does the job of removing the eye shadow powder from your brush. If you’re not sure, then don’t dive in with your most expensive brushes; get used to using it first so you don’t accidentally ruin your most expensive eye shadow brushes. If you are too heavy handed, then it can disfigure the brush head and I am sure you don’t want that to happen.

The final packaging for Shadow Switch has been designed but is not on the sample that was sent to me. This is how the final design will look.

Shadow Switch by Beauty Essentials Shadow Switch by Beauty Essentials

I really like this simple, bold design. It says ‘no fuss’ and that is exactly what Shadow Switch is; a no fuss dry brush make up remover.

This is just the first of a a whole range of beauty tool essentials that Beauty Essentials will be launching – I can’t wait to see what else they have in their range!


Where Can I Purchase Shadow Switch?

You can currently purchase the Shadow Switch to try out for yourself from Amazon at the moment for just £5.99 + free delivery. I think that is such a fantastic price for this beauty tool essential.

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