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March DegustaboxUK 2018 – Spring Has Sprung

Spring is finally upon us and the March DegustaboxUK is full of tasty new goodies to try. If you have never heard of DegustaboxUK, then you can check out my previous reviews here.

DegustaboxUK is a monthly subscription box featuring:-

” up to 15 delicious and full-size treats being delivered – free of charge – straight to your door every month. Not only do they come from some of your favourite brands, many of them are brand-new and haven’t even hit the shops yet. “

So, let’s get straight to it and take a look at at the contents of the March DegustaboxUK, shall we?

Shreddies Max Granola – RRP £2.59

March DegustaboxUK

These Shreddies Max Granola are very tasty, extremely crunchy clusters of oats with Shreddies® pieces. So if you like to have a really yummy whole grain cereal for breakfast, this could be your thing, as it made with 74% whole grain. A fantastic source of protein for first thing in the morning too!

Ribena Pineapple & Passionfruit – RRP £2.49

March DegustaboxUK

I’ve always loved Ribena and this Pineapple and Passionfruit flavour is really lovely. What’s also great is it contains No Added Sugar, so my little Diabetic heart got all happy about that! Contains less than 15 calories per 250ml serving too, another plus! It’s a burst of tropical, summery flavours to quench your thirst this summer.

Appy Kids Co Roald Dahl Fruit Drinks – RRp £1.29

March DegustaboxUK

These No Added Sugar fruit drinks feature the well-known book characters by Roald Dahl. I received the Orange ones which feature Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. These were a nice tasting orange drink. It was good to know that these fruit drinks are low in calories, contain no GMOs, gluten, added sugar or preservatives. They are also Vegan approved too. So you can feel better about what you are putting in your little one’s lunchboxes.

Cirio Pasta Sauce – RRP £2.00

March DegustaboxUK

You can’t really go wrong with pasta & a good tomato sauce to go with. These Cirio Pasta Sauces are new to the UK and are made from premium plum tomatoes. Delicious and full of flavour, they’re perfect with pasta.

Mr Lee’s Noodles – RRP £2.99

March DegustaboxUK

I think noodles make the perfect snack at almost any time of day as they are so quick and easy to make. Mr Lee’s Noodles range of noodles are award-winning and come in six flavours. They are gluten-free, low in sugar, low in saturated fats, low in calories and no nasties either. The ingredients are freeze dried to make sure all the flavour is locked in along with the nutrients too. You can taste all the flavours in this, coming together to make a really tasty noodle pot.

Tenzing Natural Energy – RRP £1.19

March DegustaboxUK

This is a really nice energy drink. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it to taste very nice but it surprised me. Refreshing with a fruity flavour and only 55 calories per can. It has six natural ingredients:-

  • Green Coffee
  • Guarana
  • Green tea
  • Himalayan Rock Salt
  • Beet Sugar
  • Lemon Juice

You’ll find nothing artificial in this natural energy drink!

Encona Carolina Reaper Chilli Sauce – RRP £1.49

March DegustaboxUK

Sadly I do not do spicy things because I am intolerant, so I cannot tell you just how hot this chilli sauce is from personal experience. However, other family members were quick to tell me that it was HOT, flavourful but very HOT! It does contain the world’s hottest chilli pepper though plus tomatoes and spices. So this should tingle your taste buds in more ways than one.

Hafervoll Flapjack Limited Lebkuchen – RRP £1.99

March DegustaboxUK

I am not a lover of Lebkuchen either but my family enjoyed this 100% natural oat bar by Hafervoll. They have no added sugar, no chemical additives; are handmade and oven baked. So you’ll always get that taste of it being homemade.

Smarties & Milkybar Mixed Mini Eggs – RRP £3.00

March DegustaboxUK

Ah, the stars of the show, or well the March DegustaboxUK at any rate! This bag of mixed mini eggs is just perfect for sharing but I won’t tell if you don’t share! I love white chocolate so I have to admit to favouring the Milkybar ones over the Smarties. I couldn’t eat loads, much as I wanted to because of the sugar – damn pesky Diabetes! These were so yummy and very moreish!

Canny 100% Natural Chocolate Milk. Refined Sugar-Free – RRP £1.99

March DegustaboxUK

Lastly is this Canny 100% Natural Chocolate Milk. This item was only included in certain subscribers boxes that had completed the most surveys. Free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. No added sugar, gluten-free and contains 40% of your Calcium RDA too! A delicious chocolate milk drink!

There was also a voucher for Cheesestrings Snack Mix included in the March DegustaboxUK. Unfortunately, I do all my shopping online being housebound so I was unable to redeem my voucher.

March DegustaboxUK March DegustaboxUK

Overall Thoughts on the March DegustaboxUK 2018

March DegustaboxUK

Another fab selection of items in the March DegustaboxUK. Perfect for Spring with the Smarties & Milkybar mixed mini eggs, the Appy Co juice drinks and Ribena.

I really enjoyed the Tenzing Natural Energy Drink but my pick of the box is definitely the Smarties & Milkybar mini eggs! They were just so nice and I have a weakness for white chocolate.

If you enjoy getting to try new products before they hit the shelves, then I really recommend you giving DegustaboxUK a try. You’ll get up to 15 items a month and you can even get £5.00 off your first box by clicking the image below! What have you got to lose?


If you would like to sign up for a DegustaboxUK subscription then you can do so by clicking on the image below and using my Discount Code: 062OO. You will receive your first box for just £7.99 instead of the usual £12.99.

March DegustaboxUK

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