5 Important Tips to Buying Jewellery For Yourself

5 Important Tips to Buying Jewellery For Yourself

There comes a time when you need to splash out on some new jewellery. Perhaps your current pieces have dulled, have broken, or are not trending at the moment. It’s time for a change, but what should you buy, and what is the best way to invest in new jewellery? I have 5 tips that you should think about before buying jewellery for yourself.

5 Important Tips to Buying Jewellery For Yourself

Tips to Buying Jewellery

Consider your style 

Some people like earrings that are big and bold, commonly called statement jewellery, others like pieces that are more subtle; there are those that like to mismatch their jewellery and those that can’t imagine wearing pieces that don’t match or contrast exactly with their outfits. 

Before you hit the online shops and spend all your savings on eye-catching jewellery that’s currently trending, think about your style and what pieces would fit best for the occasion you attend. If you’re selective, you can buy pieces that offer more possibility and flexibility.   

What’s the occasion? 

When it comes to jewellery, part of the pre-purchase research should be concerned with the occasions you will wear it at. What do you need the new jewellery for? Is it for everyday wear in the workplace, or perhaps for one-off special occasions or the festive season? 

When you narrow down the function of the jewellery, it makes buying it easier and less expensive. It also means you get more opportunities to wear the jewellery and get your money’s worth. Carefully chosen jewellery allows you to pick pieces that fit the occasion every time.   

How much will you spend?  

Jewellery can be special, or it can be ordinary. In reality, there’s a time and place for both types of jewellery – let’s face it, you won’t be putting on your fancy pieces for an average day in the workplace. Likewise, you probably won’t wear an average piece of jewellery to a special occasion. 

Jewellery can range significantly in price. So naturally, there are pieces that will cost thousands and are outside of an average budget. That said, you can probably find some budget-friendly copies on the market too. So consider saving for a one-off piece if it’s eye-catching. 

Choose something that suits your style

What jewellery do you want?

Ideally, you want jewellery in your box that says something about you and matches with a variety of outfits and for a variety of occasions. Think about your colour scheme and your overall style. Remember that it can be useful to think outside the box sometimes and choose unusual pieces.  

If a piece of jewellery sets your eyes alight, then it’s definitely worth the effort to save a little for it. The ones that catch your eye are sure to catch the eyes of others too and are worth getting for that special occasion. But don’t forget about your everyday jewellery as well. 

How to look after it

Jewellery should be taken care of to ensure that it lasts long term and stays in tip-top condition. Start by finding out if the items have a warranty; a warranty for jewellery usually lasts for a year. You will also want to make sure the jewellery is stored properly in a lined box to avoid scratches.    

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5 Important Tips to Buying Jewellery For Yourself
5 Important Tips to Buying Jewellery For Yourself

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