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What You Need To Know About Buying Sports Supplements

You are an athlete, and you want to be the best, that is the challenge all of us yearn for in our career. However to be at the top edge you need an increment to give you that extra endurance and energy. Sports supplements are naturally made compounds to enhance your athletic abilities and bodybuilding performance. You can find a range of supplements in the market. Now if you are striving to be at the top and looking for a supplement, please read through and find the best choice for yourself.


When the subject of hormones comes up the first reaction is that these are unsafe, and should keep away from them. Unfortunately, prohormones are wrongly matched with steroids with all the controversy around them. Unlike steroids, these do not add actual hormones. Prohormones are muscle building supplements known for their capacity to help gain muscle for bodybuilders and athletes alike. 

They are made to provide the benefits of chemical steroids in a form that is completely natural and of course legal. You can buy prohormone compounds legally. These bodybuilding supplements in the UK are approved to be manufactured, packaged and distributed. By a controlled usage coupled with post cycle therapy (PCT), you can be assured of their enhancing effects on your body. However, we would never lie to you and tell you they are 100 per cent safe all of the time. After all, all medications come with risks. Hair loss is one of these, and you can read more about this. Other risks of prohormones include being unable to produce testosterone, lower sex drive, and cardiovascular disease. 

Prohormones are mainly used by athletes searching for an increase in size, strength, endurance, and adding body mass. 

Finally, prohormones are most popular among bodybuilders and weightlifters. The reason is that their effects are similar to those achieved through the use of artificial steroids but without the dangerous side effects that these chemicals have on your body.

Why do people use prohormones?

  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Improved Physical Appearance
  • A more defined facial posture
  • Superior Strength & Endurance
  • Additional facial Hair Development
  • Stronger voice
  • Better Athletic Performance and a Greater Competitive Spirit
  • Faster Athletic Recovery

Of course, Prohormones have their side effects; if not coupled with post cycle therapy (PCT). It is highly recommended that you cycle on and off prohormones. For example, take a prohormone supplement for a period of one month, and then stop taking it for 6 weeks. To put this into context imagine taking prohormones is similar to a 100-meter sprint, as you run past the line with your max speed in record-breaking time, you are on the high, suddenly you stop running; there you need PCT to take you back gently to where you began. 

Now comes the question; which prohormone should I choose? Below is the list of the main basic prohormones:

– Halodrol: This is the best for the beginners. The average weight gain is between 4 to 8 Lbs. in a month. 

– Epistane: With this prohormone, you can safely stop sloppy weight gain.

Protein powders

Bodybuilders and athletes have known for many years that a diet high in quality protein is necessary to be able to maximize muscle tissue, strength, and power. However, consuming such massive quantities of protein through food alone is hard, which is the reason why protein powders are in great demand. These powders provide fast-absorbing protein for instantaneous muscle provision, containing the perfect blend of medium and slow-digesting proteins for extended amino acid supply.

Estrogen blockers

Men trying to control their muscle-building hormone levels, turn to this prohormone to help balance their hormones and ensure that their body functions properly. 

Hopefully, this has given you a better understanding of the different supplements that are out there today for athletes and those involved in sport. However, you do need to be extremely cautious when purchasing. Some supplements are not legal, and there are those with a very sketchy reputation. Therefore, make sure you do your research and always put your safety first. If you are unsure about something, do not take it. It is never worth the risk when it comes to matters concerning your health. 

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