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Gold Accessories That You’ll Want To Wear This Autumn

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year. I love all the autumnal colours of golds, burnt oranges & rusty browns. It’s also the perfect time of year to incorporate gold into your every day looks too. You can wear gold accessories and gold-toned makeup looks.


One of the most obvious ways to accessorise with gold is by wearing gold jewellery. Why not invest in a beautiful but simple elegant gold necklace. You can also layer together several necklaces of different lengths. Or you can just wear one single necklace as a statement piece. A gold necklace is just a very classic, timeless gold accessory. A gold bar necklace is very stylish and I love that it has a very minimal and modern look. Just perfect to add to any accessory collection.

gold necklaces

Or maybe you prefer to wear some gold rings or earrings? I have always loved gold hoop earrings. There are also bracelets you could wear too. There are so many options that you can choose from when it comes to gold jewellery. Gold really compliments tanned or naturally warm-toned skin too.

gold accessories - gold rings

Hair Accessories

Another way to wear something gold is in your hair. If you usually wear hair accessories like a headband or clip then you can always look for some gold clips similar to these.

They are very affordable and can really dress up a hairstyle quickly and easily. Plus, they work really well on most lengths of hair. There are so many designs that you can choose from and that are suitable for most occasions too. Wear a simple design in the day and choose something fancier to wear for a night out.

Handbags & Shoes

Now, if you love accessories such as handbags & shoesI mean who doesn’t love a good handbag or pair of shoes, right? – why not get yourself a gold bag or pair of gold shoes for a touch of Autumn glam? Anything from a small rucksack style to a glitzy clutch for the evenings will add a splash of gold to your look. There are a lot of different designs available and prices to suit every pocket. For a ‘going out’ look, you can wear gold shoes. There are some really nice gold shoes available.


If you’re still sporting your summer tan or even if you usually use fake tan, then you can also use a gold shimmer oil. This can be used on your face and body, giving you a gorgeous golden glow. This ‘Glowy Gold‘ by ‘That’s So‘ also contains Hemp seed oil, so it is also nourishing and moisturising for your skin. It will give your skin such a beautiful golden shimmer and glow, You can also get 15% off your purchase with my discount code: BOXNIP

Skin Kiss gold highlighter from Revolution Beauty

When it comes to make-up I love wearing highlighter. Gold highlighters are just another way to wear some gold. These two from Revolution Beauty are just absolutely stunning and very affordable! The Skin Kiss ‘Golden Kiss’ Highlighter is only £2.50 (rrp £5.00) as it’s currently on sale! It’s a really good size too.

This can be used to highlight your brows, cheekbones and collarbones. Use with a wet brush for more gold intensity.

If you have an eyeshadow palette with gold-toned shades, then you could also create an eye makeup look too. I put together this palette with single eyeshadows and I purposely made sure that there are lots of gold tones shades to use. I think it’s a great selection of shades for Autumn.

So, there you have it. I hope you like my selection of gold accessories for Autumn. There are so many ways to wear gold – you just have to get creative!

Do you like wearing gold accessories? What is your favourite gold accessory?

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Gold Accessories That You'll Want To Wear This Autumn

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