Diamond Jewellery
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How To Treat Yourself To Diamonds

We all know that sometimes the most rewarding person to buy a gift for is yourself. Buying yourself Diamond jewellery is a real treat and can be a wonderful thing to get for yourself, either to mark a special occasion or just because. Here’s the easiest guide to choose the most beautiful diamond jewellery for yourself. 

Diamond Jewellery

What’s your style?

Think about what kind of jewellery you like to wear. Imagine yourself wearing one piece of perfect jewellery that suits your style perfectly. What does it look like? Is it chunky or delicate? Think about what your wardrobe looks like. Are you feminine and chic, or more sporty? Do you like to make a statement or do you prefer quality basics? The diamonds you buy should fit that style. A basic you can rarely go wrong with, depending on your budget, are stud earrings or a plain chain with a diamond pendant. Get some ideas for what you might like for looking at popular diamond jewellery in your country, and read guides like Which Country Buys The Most Diamonds?


If up until this point, you’ve only owned costume jewellery, it’s a good idea to do some research on the different kinds of gems available. Do you actually want a diamond, or would you prefer ruby or sapphire? When you’ve decided on the stone you want, learn about the kind of quality you want, and what that means for your price tag. 

Set your budget

Setting a budget isn’t much fun, but it’s best to be realistic about what you can and can’t afford. How much could you set aside each month to save up for a beautiful piece of jewellery? 

Save money

There are a few tricks to help you keep your budget under control but still get a beautiful piece. Scale down on colour and clarity, but not on cut. The cut is what affects the brilliance and reflection of the stone. If you want a larger diamond, choose a size slightly lower than the full carat. There’s a significant price difference in doing this. Skip D coloured diamonds. G-H-I diamonds are cheaper but still look white. For the metal of the jewellery, choose white gold, which is much cheaper than platinum. Don’t buy diamonds near a major holiday as prices will be higher, and always insure your diamonds!


When you’ve done your research and saved your money, then you’re ready to buy. Take a non-judgmental and patient friend with you to give you advice and help you decide what to buy. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions in the store. You’re making a significant investment and should be certain about what you’re buying. Ask to try on lots of different pieces, especially if you’re still figuring out the style you want, and don’t feel bad if you want to go away and consider your options for a while before making a decision. Treat yourself, because you earned it. 

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