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Dermaplaning – What Is it & How Do You Do it?

So why Dermaplaning? Well, as a sufferer of PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) one of the symptoms is an excess body and facial hair. It can be mild or it can be really severe due to the increase in male hormones. I’m lucky that I only have it quite mild really. However, I do feel like I am forever waxing or plucking and it’s monotonous, to say the least.

I invested in some razors for my brows and then the other day I watched a YouTube video where they used the same razors for Dermaplaning.


So, what is Dermaplaning?

It’s basically just exfoliating the epidermis and removing the fine vellus hair we all know as peach fuzz. This method has been used for many years but it seems not many people know about it or are too embarrassed to talk about it. I think there is still too much stigma attached to excess facial hair on women, and there shouldn’t be.

With these razors though,  it’s very simple and easy to do at home. I’d been considering for some time what to do about the ‘peach fuzz’ because when you wear any kind of foundation or powder it clings to the fine hairs. I just wasn’t sure what method to use to remove it. Finally, I decided to try Dermaplaning myself.

I purchased my razors off eBay and they are very inexpensive. This pack of 3 costs just 99p. Pro Tinkle Eyebrow Razor


It was incredibly easy, just using slow, short strokes, keeping the blade at an angle of 45 degrees against the skin, whilst pulling the skin taut with your other hand, so as to get the smoothest result.

How To Dermaplane

  • clean skin thoroughly and apply toner.
  • Make sure skin is completely dry.
  • Hold skin taut with one hand, hold the blade in another hand at a 45-degree angle against the skin, shaving upwards.
  • Repeat over desired areas.
  • Rinse off and apply serum & moisturizer.

I can tell you if you do this correctly, it does not hurt and the razors will not cut you, unless you use them incorrectly.

The result was baby soft skin because it exofliated and got rid of all the fine hairs. Waxing always caused some redness and irritation and I’d always end up with a few tiny spots for a few days after. With this method, there is none of that. It was very quick and easy to do.

I do recommend if you have acne or sensitive skin to do a small patch test before going ahead with your whole face. I have sensitive skin but I had no issues at all.

I also highly recommend watching this video by Tina Yong about the 5 Benefits to Shaving Your Face. She explains and shows how to Dermaplane.

I know some of you are probably thinking ‘NOOO, it will grow back thicker’, but that is a myth, it will only grow back as fine as it was to begin with.

Dermaplaning for me is going to save me so much time, make it easier for me to maintain and I just get lovely, soft, hair-free skin. Foundation will now go onto my face so much better.

I highly recommend it if you have facial hair you’re not happy with. I think men think we don’t do these sort of things BUT the truth is we do, we’re all only human and we have hair, sometimes in places we don’t want it, and sometimes just too much of it. There is no shame in it.

Sarah loves creating beauty content but also writes about health & lifestyle. She has several chronic illnesses that impact her life in many ways. It's made her a big mental health advocate.