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Hollywood Browzer: The Perfect Beauty Tool?

September 12, 2020 in Skincare - 2 Comments

Some of my regular readers will have seen my previous post on Dermaplaning and know that I suffer from PCOS. Hollywood Browzer approached me to see if I would be interested in checking out their beauty tool, naturally, I said yes!. After I took a look at their website and some of the before and after pictures, I immediately knew that I needed to try the Hollywood Browzer for myself.

You receive 2 Hollywood Browzers in the box, along with a handy protective pouch to keep your razor in.

Hollywood Browzer

There are clear instructions on the back if you have never used something like this before and you can also watch the video below for more details on how to use your Hollywood Browzer.

I waited for my vellus hairs on my face to grow out as I usually keep on top of them and they don’t need taking care of as frequently as the coarser, darker hair that grows because of the PCOS.

I’m relatively lucky because even though I do have extra facial hair, most of the darker hair is under my chin, going down my throat. If money were no object I would definitely get laser hair removal and have them gone for good. Sadly, money is an object and I can’t afford a treatment like that.

I have had to suffice with waxing, plucking and shaving.  I have been ashamed and embarrassed about this extra hair for longer than I care to remember.  Hair I can do nothing about because it’s due to an illness that is not my fault. The first time I posted about Dermaplaning, I was still too embarrassed to post pictures of my own facial hair but I really wanted to talk about it because I know I am not the only woman who suffers in silence with excess facial hair.

Hollywood Browzer

This is 2 days of growth on my throat. It’s dark, coarse and I HATE it and now I’m older I even get white, coarse hairs too! A lot of women who have PCOS have to deal with far worse than this. I’ve always felt embarrassed and ashamed of it. I really shouldn’t because I know it’s not my fault. I’ll always be honest here on my blog though, and if that means sharing my excess facial hair, then so be it! If this makes just one person feel better, then I’m happy.

When it’s this kind of length, it isn’t the easiest to remove so I do have to go over the area a few times. It never gets sore though. I did go over a spot that was healing, and so it did bleed a little, as it took off the dry skin from it. So it wasn’t the Browzer cutting me.

This is the result of using Hollywood Browzer. All the hair is gone and it only took me a couple of minutes. That’s all!

Hollywood Browzer

I just want women to be aware that there are tools out there, such as the Hollywood Browzer that can make a dramatic difference to your life and how you feel about yourself.

I have previously tried two brands of facial razors and whilst they were effective on first use, they became blunt very easily, so ended up having to be replaced frequently. They just don’t seem to be able to handle the coarser hair like I have, very well at all. They are probably fine enough for those with very light peach fuzz and nothing else.

I wondered how well the Hollywood Browzer would fare against them.

Hollywood Browzer

Hollywood Browzer really impressed me from the first time using it. It removed the hair very quickly, and efficiently. It didn’t feel sharp or sore at all. Vellus hairs were removed effortlessly; even the darker, coarse hairs were removed easily. The Hollywood Browzer even removed the smaller hairs just growing back. Previous brands of razor usually missed the smaller hairs. which were often missed by previous brands of razor.

Plus, as well as removing hair, it also dermaplanes; removing dead skin from your face leaving it super soft. Make up products will sit better on the skin, especially foundation. Your skin care products will also be able to permeate your skin better, therefore giving you improved results.

The Hollywood Browzer has a stainless steel-coated blade with safety guards on both sides. This design means it won’t cut or irritate the skin. You get no razor burn and no ingrown hairs either. Both men and women can use the Hollywood Browzer too.

Each razor will last you around 2-3 months if you clean it thoroughly after each use. It’s very easy to maintain just by wiping your Hollywood Browzer with a dry cloth or tissue to remove hair and dead skin cells from it. This will keep it from dulling too quickly.

My vellus hairs, or peach fuzz, I usually have to do maybe once a week and the darker hair I have to do at least 3 times a week.

It’s a pain, it will always be a pain BUT this Browzer has made the task a lot quicker and way more pleasant. With this, you can maintain it as often or as little as YOU want to, WHENEVER and even WHEREVER you want to.

Not only that but I can do my eyebrows in a couple of minutes too. It really is fantastic for removing unwanted hair from just about anywhere.

Hollywood Browzer

How Much Do Hollywood Browzers Cost?

The Hollywood Browzer costs £15.00 for the pack of 2, including the protective pouch.

With each one lasting around 3 months, that basically means you can be hair free for 6 months, with no expensive salon trips, no messy waxing or painful plucking.

I think £15.00 is well worth paying!

Where Can I Buy A Hollywood Browzer?

You can purchase your own Hollywood Browzer from their official website:-

Official Website (*affiliate link)

Discount Code

You can also grab yourself 20% off using my code: SARAH20

Have you tried Hollywood Browzer before? Do you dermaplane at all?

Did you enjoy this post or find it useful? If you did then why not pin it so others can read it too!

Hollywood Browzer

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