10 Gift Ideas For A Remote Housewarming Party
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10 Gift Ideas For A Remote Housewarming Party

The pandemic is transforming forever the way professionals think about their jobs. More and more businesses are embracing full-time remote positions, in an attempt to reduce risks. The process is driving a modern city exodus, encouraging professionals to leave the city to move into the countryside. It is the perfect solution for hard-working couples and families, who can maintain their daily job without any of the urban stress or pollution. Waking up to the sounds of birds chirping in the garden? Yes, please. No traffic noise at night? Checked. And more importantly, for those who have been through the first wave of lockdown stuck in their small London-based flat, the idea of having a huge house with a garden is compelling. So, with the move there is bound to be a housewarming of some kind.

If you’ve got friends who are in the process of moving outside of a big city to embrace the joys of the countryside lifestyle, you want to give them something memorable as a housewarming gift. Unfortunately, lockdown restrictions put an end to the party side of things. But you can still make your presents count. Here are 10 thoughtful ideas that’ll make them smile. 

10 Gift Ideas For A Remote Housewarming Party

#1. Remind them of the fun time together

You can’t be here in person, but you can still prepare a lovely memento of all the happy moments you’ve spent together. You can select your favourite photos and put them into a personalised calendar that will remind your friends about the highlights of city life. Alternatively, you could work closely with common friends to create a monthly page each. It can be a touching way of wishing them good luck with the new home. 

#2. Prepare a feel-good hamper

One of the things your friends will miss the most in the countryside is the limited choice of takeaway. While it is easy to enjoy a cheeky Chinese or Indian dish in big cities, your friends may only have a couple of options once they reach the countryside. In some areas, there isn’t even a takeaway within walking/driving distance. Perhaps, a carefully selected hamper of deliciousness could help with late-night cravings. You can send a food hamper to their new address. Not any hamper, though: Take a look at some of the basket hampers from Harrods, for instance. The delicious cheese and crackers savoury selection could be a superb housewarming gift!

10 Gift Ideas For A Remote Housewarming Party

#3. Offer an indulgence pamper box

Moving out can be stressful! So, why not help your friends relax in their new home with a pamper box subscription? A spa experience at home is, by far, the best way of spending an evening after a day of unpacking. They can sit back, have a soothing face mask while sipping on a glass of wine. That’s what the best spa treatments are about, aren’t they? 

#4. Surprise them with countryside cooking tools

If your friends love to cook, they will love the potential of a huge countryside kitchen. For a lot of people who move from a small urban flat or house into a larger countryside cottage, the first thing they notice is how empty the new kitchen will feel. Indeed, the typical countryside kitchen area is much roomier, allowing homeowners to finally indulge in their dream appliances, from the XXL American fridge to a cheeky ice cream maker. You can surprise them with some essential kitchen accessories.  

#5. A new family member

Living in a busy town makes it hard to have pets. But once you move to the countryside, you can have a puppy. Adopting a dog is a big commitment, so it’s not something you want to impose on your friends. However, for couples or families, it’s easy to have an inside person who can gauge the situation. Say your best friend is moving into a small coastal village with her husband. You can talk to the husband secretly to pick a cute puppy for them. 

#6. Matching PJs for everyone

Can there be anything cuter than matching clothes? For families, you can prepare a welcoming pack for their first night into their new home. Make sure to pack a few sweets and some cocoa powder for a cup of hot chocolate in the morning. You can leave the best present for the end: matching pyjamas for the whole family. These can be cute and fun. Matching nightwear can be suitable for either couples and families with children. 

#7. A letterbox cake

Sending cakes is a sweet attention. But you don’t want to send a full-size cake when they can’t share it with anyone. But, for small families or couples, you can still get a yummy cake to wish them good luck in their new home. Letterbox cakes are a practical and yummy surprise that is guaranteed to be eaten! Etsy and Notonthehighstreet are great places to find letterbox snacks. 

10 Gift Ideas For A Remote Housewarming Party

#8. High-quality headphones

If your friends are going to work from home, you can make life in the home office easier for them. Headphones and a microphone will keep their Zoom meetings manageable. Most people have been using their smartphone earphones during lockdown. However, specialist headphones will make the day a lot more comfortable and greatly improve the quality of sound. 

#9. A unique art piece

Everyone loves an artsy piece that can act as a focal point in the room. Handmade presents may be daunting, but you can create something thoughtful and beautiful to surprise your friends. You don’t need to be an art student to make something that’ll look stylish. There are a lot of easy painting hacks that can give professional-looking results in a matter of minutes. Besides, you may find it is a relaxing hobby. 

#10. A set of countryside shoes

There can be no walk in the countryside without a pair of trustworthy wellies! You can send a countryside lifestyle parcel that packs all the essentials for outdoor living. Start with quality wellies boots because these will make a massive difference in muddy and wet environments. Add a scarf and a pair of gloves for everyone. 

Wishing good luck to friends who are moving to the countryside can be tricky when lockdown restrictions prevent a proper housewarming party. But you can use a thoughtful gift to let them know that you’re thinking about them. From delicious food hamper to cute matching PJs, there are plenty of ideas to make life in a new home sweet! 

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