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how to plan the perfect summer party

AD| As we step into June in just under 2 weeks it’s time to start thinking about Summer. If you like to entertain, then one of the most enjoyable things to host and plan is a Summer Party.  When it comes to party planning, I am an avid list maker and tend to plan every little detail. 

So here are my suggestions for planning the perfect Summer Party

Decide on Your summer party Theme 

If you want to have a theme for your Summer Party, then this will be the first thing you should decide on.  There are so many ideas you could go for and I have listed my three favourites. 

Backyard BBQ Party 

It could be a Backyard BBQ Party.  Keep it simple with picnic food, burgers, hot dogs, grilled corn on the cob, skewers etc. You could make summer fruit skewers too!  

Maybe it’s the perfect time to upgrade your BBQ if it’s looking a little worse for wear or you’d just like a bigger one. I came across loads of different sorts of BBQs on LionsHome; they have prices to suit every pocket too.   

For decoration you could get checked tablecloths, red and white is always a winner. If you can get them, some bright summery flowers to put in a mason jar on the table – maybe sunflowers, or gerberas. The thing about a Backyard BBQ is that it is very casual and it’s really all about the food.   

Hawaiian Luau Party 

This is one of my favourite themes for a Summer Party. You can really go to town with this. Grass skirts, palm trees, lots of tropical flowers and decorations. If you have a pergola you can hang decorations from it too. Not forgetting the flower leis for everyone as they arrive.  

If you are good at DIY you could always make some of the decorations too. I did something simple and easy and put a grass skirt around the drinks table.  

Table with grass Hawaiian skirt and drinks on it.

I found no end of inspiration and lots of Hawaiian Luau decorations online. You could also ask everyone to come in colourful summer clothing – like Hawaiian shirts! 

Don’t forget to make some tasty Summer cocktails too!  

Summer Beach Party 

Another great theme is a Summer Beach Party. Get some funky beach towels, deck chairs and cushions that people can sit on. Lots of striped décors; think beach huts! Seashells and beach balls also make great decorations too. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, then obviously you can get inflatables too.   

If you don’t mind sand getting everywhere then you could also have a sand pit with buckets & spades. This could be just for decoration but if you have any young children attending with their parents, or have young children yourself, they will have lots of fun playing in it as well.  

Plan & Prep 

Once you have decided on a theme, you can then plan the rest of the summer party. 


  • Deciding who & how many people to invite 
  • Are you allowing people to bring kids or a plus one? 
  • What date to have the party on 
  • The time the party starts and ends 
  • Do people need to dress up for the theme? 
  • Do people need to bring a bottle or anything? 
  • Sending out themed invitations or creating a private Facebook event to invite people to the party 
  • Plan what food and drink you want to have 
  • Create a playlist with summer party music 


Depending on how far in advance you are planning a party, you can purchase most of the things you will need over the weeks before the actual day. Which is a great way to spread the cost. These are some of the things that you can buy ahead of time: 

  • Alcohol 
  • Soft drinks 
  • Straws – try to avoid plastic 
  • Some of the food – such as crisps, pretzels, nuts, frozen food items. Basically, anything that can be stored in your food cupboard or freezer and won’t perish before the party. 
  • Decorations 
  • BBQ – if you decide to buy a new one or upgrade 
  • BBQ tools – if you don’t have any or need new ones 
  • Disposable cutlery, paper plates and cups. All the better if they are recyclable too. 
  • Serving platters 
  • Cling film, tin foil 
  • Cocktail sticks 
  • Tablecloths 
  • Extra rubbish bags for clearing up afterwards 
  • Tidy the garden & do anything that needs tending to, like mowing the lawn etc 

On the Day 

  • Cook anything that can be done in advance on the morning 
  • Decorate the garden if you are having a themed party 
  • Make sandwiches as late in the day as possible before the party starts & cover them. 
  • Leave enough time to get yourself ready! 
  • Put out the rest of the food & be sure to keep it covered. 
  • Arrange the drinks so everyone can help themselves easily 
  • Put on the playlist you created 
  • Greet everyone as they arrive & make them feel welcome 
  • Last but not least – HAVE FUN! 

I hope you find this useful if you are planning a party of any kind this summer. It really applies to hosting most parties though.

Are you planning on having a Summer Party this Summer? Have you ever had a themed Summer Party? Or Do you have any other theme suggestions? 

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How to Plan a Summer Party

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