How to have a self care evening with your friends
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How To Have A Self Care Evening With Friends

AD | It seems every moment of your weekdays are taken up with work, while evenings and weekends are spent trying to keep up with and organise, the kids. Having a minute to yourself doesn’t feel like something that’s happened for months… or something that’s going to happen again for years!

How To Have A Self Care Evening With Your Friends

But it’s very important for your mental health to allow for some ‘me time’ and often the best way to do this is to relax with friends. Self-care is anything that makes you feel relaxed and healthy, and there’s no reason why a group of you shouldn’t do this together and feel better about everything.

You’ve cleared the family out for a few hours – here are some ideas for what you can do on your self-care evening…

Have a spa night

Yes, we mean face masks, hair masks and nail painting. It’s a healthy and relaxing thing to do and gives you plenty of time to chat to each other, have a laugh, sing along to terrible songs and watch girlie movies.

Create a vision board

This will help with clarity of thought and perhaps change the way you approach life. Each of you decorates the board with your life goals, and glean inspiration from each other. This might sound like a more serious night in, but with a bottle of wine or two, it’ll quickly get giggly.

Get crafty

Have a go at painting, origami, or even building a bird box. It can be any activity that gives you the time to chat about your lives, where they’re heading and to share funny stories. The activity itself will provide a few talking points, especially around those who are more artistically challenged!

Binge a show

This is for a truly ‘let your hair down’ evening. Relieve that stress with a box set of a show that doesn’t require much in the way of concentration. This isn’t a night for Game of Thrones, but rather Friends, Sex and the City, and Mrs Brown’s Boys. Something that’ll make you laugh, and that doesn’t really matter if you talk over it.


Whatever you choose to do, keep the food simple (you don’t want to create more work for yourself!). Perhaps a platter with dips or a lasagne accompanied by a few glasses of wine. A nice touch would be to order personalised chocolate gifts for each of your friends. This will ensure they come back for your next self-care evening!

Whatever you choose to do, the important thing is to keep the evening relaxing for everyone. Just having a get together will be great therapy for all of you.

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How To Have A Self Care Evening With Your Friends
How To Have A Self Care Evening With Your Friends

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