Chicken Crackling

Chicken Crackling, A Hand Cooked Snack You’ll Want To Try

I bet you are already thinking ‘Chicken Crackling, what the hell is that?‘ Yeah, I pretty much did the same BUT as I really like pork scratchings I just had to try them. I do love snacks of all kinds so maybe this would become another favourite snack of mine.

The First of Its Kind to Hit the UK

Chicken Crackling is the first of its kind to hit the UK. They are also a healthier alternative to pork scratchings. These are low fat, high protein, gluten and MSG-free. making them perfect for Keto diets too. No artificial flavour, colouring or preservatives either. Hand cooked in the UK in specialised kitchens they are also great for those that avoid pork and they are Halal friendly.

Chicken Crackling - Sea Salt and Hint of Habanero Chilli

Currently, they are available in two flavours, Sea Salt and Hint Of Habanero Chilli. I wasn’t really sure what to expect though. However, on opening the first packet of the Sea Salt flavour I was pleasantly surprised.

Sea Salt Flavour Chicken Crackling

The first thing I noticed was that the crackling looked pretty much like pork scratchings and they also smelled very much the same too. The difference was the texture. When you pop one of the cracklings into your mouth and bite down on it, you have this lovely crunch but it isn’t at all hard like scratchings can be. I found this much more enjoyable to eat. The lovely crunch and the salty crackling taste just made them really enjoyable to eat.

Sea Salt flavour
Sea Salt Chicken Crackling – £10.50 for 10 x 30g bags
Sea Salt Chicken Crackling

A hint of Habanero Chilli Flavour Chicken Crackling

Now the Habanero Chilli was very mild so don’t be put off thinking they are going to burn your tongue off. It really is just a hint of it. These have the exact same lovely crunch to them and with just that warmth and flavour of the Habanero Chilli coming through towards the end.

Hint of Habanero Chilli Flavour
Chicken Crackling Hint of Habanero Chilli – £10.50 for 10 x 30g bags
Hint of Habanero Chilli chicken crackling

My Overall Thoughts

If I had to pick between pork scratchings and these Chicken Cracklings, then I would definitely opt for the latter. Along with a fantastic taste and that amazing light crunch, they are also a considerably healthier choice. It’s a no brainer for me! Which says a lot about just how much I like them since I’ve loved pork scratching since I was a kid.

You don’t have to eat them just as a snack either. They also taste great warmed through and are perfect to add as a garnish because of that lovely light crunch they have! So light that you can easily crumble them!

These definitely get a big thumbs up from me and the rest of my family loved them too, especially the Hint of Habanero Chilli flavour.

Where Can I Purchase Chicken Crackling?

You can purchase both flavours of Chicken Crackling from Amazon using the links below.

Sea Salt Chicken Chicken Crackling£10.5010 x 30gm bags
A hint of Habanero Chilli Chicken Crackling£10.5010 x 30gm bags

Win 20 Bags of Chicken Crackling – 10 of each Flavour

If you’d like to try Chicken Crackling for yourself then I have a giveaway you can enter to win 20 x 30g bags of them. That’s 10 each of both flavours. Just enter using the widget below.

The Original Chicken Crackling Giveaway #1

Do you like savoury snacks? Would you try these? let me know in the comments

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