April DegustaboxUK
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Healthy Snacks & More In The April DegustaboxUK

I’ve had some health issues since April, which if you follow me on Instagram, you will have more than likely read about. That is why I’m a little bit later than usual with the April DegustaboxUK but late is better than never, right?!

So, let’s jump straight into the April DegustaboxUK and see what goodies it has to offer.

April DegustaboxUK

Celia Organic Lager £ 2.49 (This product appears in the alcohol version of DegustaboxUK only)

This lager is 100% organic and believe it or not, is brewed using just three ingredients!

  • Moravian malt sources from the Bohemian region
  • 100% locally sourced organic Saaz hops
  • sand filtered water from the Žatec foothills

It might surprise you that it is also gluten-free too! Serve ice-cold and you get a refreshingly delicious drink.

April DegustaboxUK

Fentimans Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water £1.80

This pretty pink coloured tonic water is made with ruby-red grapefruit and quinine and is botanically brewed.  It’s free from artificial sweeteners, flavourings or preservatives. It is Gluten free and also suitable for vegans. For those that love their tonic waters, I am sure this would go down a treat – plus it’s going to look awfully beautiful in a glass too!

April DegustaboxUK

Dorset Cereals £4.89 (One of two flavours received)

You receive one of two flavours of this Dorset Cereals Ulitmate Adventure muesli in the April DegustaboxUK:-

  • Machu Picchu
  • American Roadtrip

As you can see, I received the American Roadtrip muesli. A jam-packed box of muesli with heaps of cranberries, almonds & orange zest. I really love the packaging of this Dorset Cereals Ultimate Adventures American Roadtrip Muesli too!

April DegustaboxUK

Garofalo Whole Wheat Penne Pasta £2.19

This penne pasta is made from unprocessed whole organic durum wheat. This means its natural bran, germ, fibre, vitamins and minerals remain intact, thus giving us all those health benefits. Not only that, but it actually cooks in around 11 minutes.

You can’t really go wrong with whole wheat pasta. It’s good for you, tastes great and is easy to cook!

April DegustaboxUK

New York Dehli ViP Chilli Nuts £1.25

This was one of two flavours you could have received, the other being Hot Toffee. I kinda wish I had gotten the Hot Toffee because, well, I just don’t do chilli at all. Fortunately, others in the house do, so all was not lost. These were really well received, hot but not too hot and a lot of that chilli flavour & depth.

April DegustaboxUK

Polo Sugar-Free Pot £1.49

I’ve loved POLO mints since I was little, which was a VERY long time ago! I feel less guilty about these because they are sugar-free but still have all the flavour of POLO that I know and love.

I love that they now come in this handy pot too. I’m sure we all know too well finding that lost packet of battered POLO mints in a pocket or bag! This is so much more convenient and easy to carry around.

April DegustaboxUK

Doisy & Dam’s  Quinoa, Smoked Tea & Vanilla Chocolate £1.75

Well, this really is a unique flavour of chocolate. I think perhaps too unique for me! The texture was nice & smooth but I couldn’t love the taste. Andy on the other hand really enjoyed it. So he gave it a BIG thumbs up! I would be interested in trying some of their other flavours though.

April DegustaboxUK

Seabrook Lattice Sea Salt & Black Pepper £1.50-1.99

I thoroughly enjoyed these lattice crisps. Golden, crispy, crunchy and full of flavour but not too peppery. I didn’t think I would like them because I don’t like pepper. I would buy these again most definitely.

The way the packet opens for sharing is brilliant too! A lot more convenient to seal back up…for another snack session, unless you want to share but you might find they are so good you’ll want to keep them to yourself!

April DegustaboxUK April DegustaboxUK

Nothing But Pea & Sweetcorn / Strawberry & Banana £1.20 x 2

You receive 2 out of 3 flavours in your April DegustaboxUK. There is nothing but 100% freeze-dried fruits and vegetables in these snacks. As they undergo freeze drying the only thing taken out is water.

I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty these were. They are packed with delicious flavour; the strawberries packed a real punch and surprised my kids at how tasty they were.

April DegustaboxUK

Whitworths Full of Super Vanilla Maca-roons £1.50

Two tasty snacks per pack, filled with almonds, coconuts and golden flax seeds. They are also naturally high in fibre and Pantothenic Acid (which aids mental performance). Gluten free, soya free and suitable for vegetarians.

Andy loved these too as they were full of flavour and moist; snacks like this can often be quite dry but these weren’t at all.

April DegustaboxUK

GOOD HEMP Hemp Seed Hearts £4.49

I’ll admit when I pulled these out of the box, I was a little, well, what do I do with these then?! I know they are very good for you as they are high in Protein and Omega 3. Free from nuts, gluten too. I’ve just not really fell into the whole Hemp and Chia seed craze.

You can sprinkle these over cereal, yoghurt and stir fries and salads. Supposedly you can bake with them too!

April DegustaboxUK

My Overall Thoughts on the April DegustaboxUK

A really nice variety of products this month. Plenty of healthy snacks too.

I also liked the fact that everything was new to me, with the exception of the POLOs.

DegustaboxUK is a great subscription for coming across new brands or their newly released products. Discover something you love, you can look out for it in your local supermarket then!

My favourite product this month was the Seabrook Lattice Sea Salt & Black Pepper. Such a high quality, great flavour and oh so crunchy and crispy. The second choice would go to the Nothing But freeze-dried snacks which were a complete surprise as to how good they tasted. Particularly the Strawberry & Banana.

Overall though, another good box with great food and drink to discover!

NB: Please be aware that as I receive my DegustaboxUK for review purposes, I may receive all items that are available each month. So there may be items that you didn’t receive in your own box.


You can purchase the Degustaboxuk for just £12.99 a month including delivery, it’s a fantastic box.

You can get your first box for just £7.99 (YES £5.00 OFF!!!) by using my special discount code at the Checkout – 062OO

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