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Gousto Food Box Subscription Review

I have never tried a food box subscription that actually provides every ingredient and I do mean EVERY ingredient, you need to plan and prepare meals with. So, when I had the opportunity to try out Gousto, I was pretty excited.

For those that have never heard of Gousto, it is a food subscription box but the great thing about it is its flexibility.

Each week there are 22 recipes to choose from and you can have your food box weekly, fortnightly or monthly at dates and time to suit you and your needs. You also have the option to pause or skip your subscription at any time too.

So, what do you get in each box?

  • Recipe boxes contain everything you need to cook up to 4 delicious meals for 2 or 4 people
  • Freshness Guaranteed
  • High welfare British Meat
  • Easy to follow recipe cards
  • Woolcool packaging that keeps your food fresh even when you’re not at home

Gousto Gousto

As you can see, everything comes really well packaged, chilled and insulated to keep all your ingredients as fresh as possible. I was really impressed just how well they packaged all the different ingredients. Even the fresh meat was kept so well chilled, in the insulated cooler bag.

Gousto Gousto

I choose the following 2 recipes which were:-

  • Quick Persian Lamb Couscous
  • Lemon Pepper Chicken & Rosemary Potatoes

You get an easy to follow recipe card for each meal you chose, so if you enjoy your meal once cooked, you can, of course, keep the recipe and use it cook from again. I find that super handy!


Lemon Pepper Chicken & Rosemary Potatoes


I nearly forgot, that also included was a fab wooden spoon too, with the Gousto logo on it.

So, pictured above are all the ingredients that were needed to make the Lemon Pepper Chicken & Rosemary Potatoes recipe.

Now, I am not physically able to cook due to illnesses,  so Andy cooked both of these recipes and he said they were extremely easy to follow.


I can, however, eat them and it was really delicious. I really loved the rosemary potatoes and the chicken was really tender and juicy. A really lovely recipe and one we will definitely be buying the ingredients for again!


Quick Persian Lamb Couscous

GoustoAgain, pictured above is all the ingredients that are needed to make the Quick Persian Lamb Couscous.

It’s so convenient to have everything you need from the main ingredients such as the lamb mince, right down to all the necessary herbs and spices.

Another, super easy and quick recipe to follow and make.

This one went down really well with Andy. I tried some but this just wasn’t for me. I much preferred the chicken dish.

GoustoGousto Gousto

But that is another thing that is so great with this subscription. It allows you to try recipes you think you might like and if you’re not too keen then you haven’t got extra ingredients that will be gathering dust in your kitchen cupboards if you happen to not like it.

Gousto has plenty of variety in their 22 recipes each week, and you can even search through recipes for, family friendly, vegetarian, quick and easy etc.

I really do think it is a fabulous food subscription box for people who love to cook on a regular basis and for those maybe just branching out into experimenting with cooking.

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How Much Does Gousto Cost?

The cost of your subscription depends entirely on what you choose, they have the following subscriptions that you can select from:

  • 2 recipes for 2 people – £27.49 per week
  • 2 recipes for 4 people – £41.99 per week
  • 3 recipes for 2 people – £34.99 per week
  • 3 recipes for 4 people – £51.99 per week
  • 4 recipes for 2 people – £41.99 per week
  • 4 recipes for 4 people – £59.99 per week

Where Do I Sign Up To Gousto?

You can sign up for Gousto on their Official Website


I also have an exclusive discount code for you too!

You can get £20 discount on EACH of your 1st AND 2nd Gousto orders, on any sized box, meaning the 1st & 2nd boxes could cost £7.49 each.

Just use code:  TORNADO


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