My Mask Time Glow Setter August Box
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Mask Time Glow Setter August Box

We’re nearly into October; there’s a chill in the air most days. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be wanting to snuggle under blankets, watch a good film or read a good book. Just get all comfy and cosy. One of the things I enjoy most is to use a sheet mask whilst I am relaxing. So when Mask Time asked if they could send me their August Glow Setter Box, I was more than happy to say yes!

My Mask Time Glow Setter August Box

Mask Time is actually based in the UK, which is a HUGE bonus as sometimes it can be expensive to sign up to Kbeauty subscriptions overseas.

“Each month at Mask Time every single mask is carefully selected and tested before being curated, these are products that we use on a personal basis and would recommend, our boxes also reflect the season we are in and addresses what our skin needs when the weather changes. Every box is then hand packed with love, included is also a ‘Haul Card’ with details of what is inside and how to use them. All this delivered to your door each month so that you can get that all important ‘Mask Time’!

Whether you are an experienced mask addict or a mask newbie – here at Mask Time we have a mask for your every need ranging from lip masks, hands, feet, hair you name it we got it.”

Source: Mask Time Offcial Website

Subscription Details

Mask Time offers 2 different monthly subscriptions. The Glow Starter and the Glow Setter. 

  • Glow Starter – 4 curated sheetmasks – £9.95 UK
  • Glow Setter – 8-10 curated sheetmasks – £24.99 UK

Delivery Details

They deliver free to the UK and they do deliver to Europe, USA & Canada, and Asia but there is a delivery charge which you are notified of when ordering.

The last day to order is the last day of each month and boxes are shipped out on the 2nd of the following month.

Besides the monthly Mask Time subscription boxes, you can also order sheet masks from their online shop too. They also have three SOS boxes, for Combination, Dry and Oily skin; each box containing 5 carefully curated sheet masks.

My Mask Time Glow Setter August Box

As you can see the packaging of the box is really nice, it comes in a sturdy box with the Mask Time logo on the front. Inside all the masks are enclosed in tissue paper sealed with a Mask Time sticker. I really like the attention to details with their social media links on the box too and the ‘Ready…Set… Glow!’ on the inside of the lid.

My Mask Time Glow Setter August Box

The Sheet Masks

So, now I get to tell you all about the fantastic sheet masks in the August Mask Time Glow Setter Box!

Rootree – Tree Therapy Facials Mask Hydrating (Nutmeg) – RRP £3.50

My Mask Time Glow Setter August Box

I hadn’t actually heard of this brand – one of the things I love about Kbeeauty subscription boxes. This sheet mask is very hydrating and also helps with pore care. It contains extracts of Nutmeg from Jeju Millenium Forest. As this is a natural cosmetic brand, you can be sure of products that are 100% organic and eco-friendly.

Daycell – Re, DNA Medi Sheet Renew Mask – RRP £4.50

My Mask Time Glow Setter August Box

Again, another new brand that I have not heard of or tried before. This sheet mask is great for those that have seen a little too much sun. It contains fermented yeast, rich in amino acids and antioxidants. If you have irritated skin, then this would be perfect to help soothe and calm. You’ll find this mask is also very moisturising due to the fermented yeast. Not only that but ingredients like apple extract, pectins and chlorella extract, which have a high level of Vit C, A and potassium, help to promote new cell growth & form a protective barrier on the skin.

Adaline – Keep Cool And Soothe Yourself Mask – RRP £3.00

My Mask Time Glow Setter August Box

I have seen these masks around Instagram but hadn’t yet tried them. This mask is really good if you have sensitive skin. It’s going to help calm any redness and irritation. I also like this mask because it makes the skin feel a little firmer and gives it a nice glow. I love that because my skin can be quite dull and have uneven skin tone. Ingredients include bamboo, pine, cinnabar, ginger root, Centella Asiatica. Lots of natural forest botanicals.

Dr Jart+ – Dermask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution – RRP £4.50

My Mask Time Glow Setter August Box

Now, this Dr Jart+ mask I have actually used before and I really loved it! It’s a really light mask as it is made of fine cellulose fibre. It feels like you are wearing nothing. My skin literally drinks up this mask and feels really hydrated afterwards. A little tip – never leave a sheet mask on when it starts to dry out, always remove it before then. Otherwise, you’ll be reversing what the sheet mask has done for your skin.

A’Pieu – Watermelon Slice Sheet Mask – RRP £3.00

My Mask Time Glow Setter August Box

Pretty sure that I received this in a Kbeauty box a while back but I haven’t yet used it. Whilst I do prefer full-face sheet masks, patches like these have their uses too. If your skin needs an extra boost you can always put one of these patches where you need it and then wear a sheet mask over it. It will give your skin the added nourishment where it needs it most. These melon slices contain Hyaluronic Acid, honey and watermelon extracts. Your skin will feel nourished, firmer and revitalised. You can also use these on your body too.

Frienvita – Firming Gold Glow Mask – RRP £3.95

My Mask Time Glow Setter August Box

Who doesn’t love a bit of gold in their sheet mask?! This mask is infused with 20ppm of 24K Gold. It will help purify and detox your skin. You should be left with radiant, glowing skin. The black mask itself has real gold flakes throughout the mask. Frienvita is also a new to me brand. Their mask has airless suction so the sheet adheres to your skin, leaving no air gaps. Your skin then gets maximum absorption.

Challans De Paris – Masque De Lunar – RRP £4.50

My Mask Time Glow Setter August Box

Niacinamide will leave your skin looking brighter from this 100% cotton sheet mask. Fantastic to help blemishes,  redness and to calm acne. The Centella Asiatica soothes and calms. As this mask is free from silicons, mineral oils, ethanol, surfactants, artificial fragrances and dyes it is great for sensitive skin.

FG Beauty – Jelly Me Mask Pack – RRP £4.00

My Mask Time Glow Setter August Box

This box really brought me so many new brands and masks, this being another new one to me. This mask smells really good and due to the key ingredient being Cactus Flower Extract it has fantastic antioxidant properties. These help to protect the skin from free radicals and in turn help to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. Other beneficial ingredients help to brighten the skin and more.

Skinion – Martini Pack, U Feel Tipsy Mask – RRP £3.50

My Mask Time Glow Setter August Box

With Lime extract, Green Tea and Olive extract, this mask will calm irritated skin, rejuvenate it and help fight the signs of ageing. Thanks to the Lime extract which acts as a disinfectant, it will also help to clear away any bacteria that is sitting on the skin. I’m sure your skin will enjoy drinking up this sheet mask!

Skin’s Boni – Yoghurt Mask Pack – RRP £3.00

My Mask Time Glow Setter August Box

Another mask I have seen quite frequently on Instagram. I was excited to see it in the August Mask Time Glow Setter Box. I love the packaging; looking like the popular Korean yoghurt drink – you know the one full of healthy bacteria. Well, just like that drink, this mask also contains beneficial fermentation extracts such as Bifida lactobacillus and Lactococcus. They help to nourish and hydrate the skin. Your skin also benefits from a gentle exfoliation as the lactic acid dissolves dead skin cells.

Overall Thoughts on the August Mask Time Glow Setter Box

My Mask Time Glow Setter August Box

I really love the Mask Time Glow Setter Box and I think 8-10 sheet masks a month is a nice amount. It’s actually the best sheet mask subscription available in the UK in my opinion. The reason being, the masks that are curated are not readily available. You can easily get some of the more well-known brands but I really like the fact that Mask Time include so many different and little-known brands.

The handy leaflet that comes with it is informative if you are new to sheet masks and it also contains a little about each mask and what they would usually retail for.

My Mask Time Glow Setter August Box

You also get a sample or two, which I always appreciate. The whole box is curated with care and attention and shows that Mask Time really care about their customers and they make sure they are curating high-quality masks for all their boxes. I also really like the fact that you can gift either a Glow Starter or Glow Setter box as a one-off, or purchase someone a 3, 6, 9 or 12-month subscription. The Glow Setter box is the ideal gift for anyone that loves Kbeauty and sheetmasks! Or even a great way to introduce someone to sheet masks if you gift them the Glow Starter box.

There are also no hidden fees and you can cancel any time you want to.

Do you use sheetmasks at all? Have you tried any of these or do you have a favourite sheet mask?

My Mask Time Glow Setter August Box


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