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Shills Black Mask Purifying Peel-Off Mask Review

I might be in my mid-forties but I still get pesky blackheads, they might not be big ones, but on my nose and cheek area, I do have larger pores. They are a lot better than they used to be and have reduced a lot but I still like to do some kind of mask or treatment every couple of weeks or so, to keep my face clear. That’s where the Shills Black Mask Purifying Peel-Off Mask comes in.


The Shills Black Mask Purifying Peel-Off Mask is particularly awesome for this.  You can use it all over your face or just in the areas you need it as I have done on the photo below.


This black peel-off mask is very thick, doesn’t have the greatest of smells and you have to make sure you put a thick layer of it on your skin. I’ve learnt that if I don’t, then it doesn’t do such a good job. When I say thick, I really do mean thick. I apply it with a makeup brush, as it’s very messy otherwise and I coat the areas several times to build up a nice thick layer. I then leave it to dry which usually takes 20-30 mins, sometimes longer but basically just make sure it is completely dry before you peel it off.

I will also stress, do not get this in your hair or eyebrows and if you’re a guy, do not let it get on your beard because trust me it will hurt like a b***h to peel it off and will most likely remove hairs too.

My advice and what I do myself is to dermaplane and remove your peach fuzz before doing this mask. That way it does not hurt as much when you remove it as there are no hairs for it to cling too after dermaplaning.


When it is dry, peel from the bottom and pull upwards as this helps to pull the blackheads and filaments out of your pores more easily. This mask can be fairly painful to remove, I’m not going to lie. I have very sensitive skin and it does make my eyes water but it’s nothing I can’t stand.

The results though are amazing. This mask pulls off dead skin, tiny hairs and of course blackheads. I don’t have loads and the ones I do have are very small, so pore strips don’t tend to be able to grasp onto them and pull them out whereas this mask, as long as it’s applied thickly, pulls them out with no problem.

Just look at what it pulled out of my nose, chin and cheek area on these close up photos. I know, it’s pretty gross!


The results though are definitely worth the pain. I’m left with baby soft skin and clean pores.  I wouldn’t recommend doing this too often depending on your skin type and how your pores are. I usually do it every couple of weeks or so. It is definitely worth the money for what it does.

Where Can I Buy It?


I purchased my Shills Black Mask Purifying Peel-Off Mask from Amazon. It was really quick as it was available on Prime for next day delivery. I really do recommend this mask for removing blackheads. It absolutely works!

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