S+ by ResMed

Hoping To Fix My Sleep with S+ by ResMed

My sleep is usually terrible due to chronic pain from Degenerative Disc Disease. I either can’t get to sleep or my sleep is very disturbed. Due to having Fibromyalgia, I never get restorative sleep either. So when I saw the opportunity to review the S+ by ResMed I knew it was one I couldn’t afford to miss.

S+ by ResMed

Sleep is so crucial for a healthy mind and body. If you don’t sleep well, then you won’t function as well. Your mind will be slower and your body will be lethargic.  Sleep affects all areas of our lives.

When my sleep is exceptionally bad it really shows in the health of my skin too. It becomes sallow, dry and dull. I get dark circles under my eyes, as well as puffiness. It’s not a good look!

As I have also suffered with depression since I was 14, this is another thing that can affect my sleep and also sleep can affect my depression. So it’s really important for my mental health too.

So, if there was an app that helps you discover where the problems with your sleep are and then helps you to fix them, wouldn’t you want it? I know I would and do.

That’s what you get with the S+ by ResMed, that and so much more!

S+ ResMed

The S+ by ResMed was 2-million sleeps in the making and is the world’s first, non-contact, sleep tracking system that helps you improve your sleep from the very first night. In fact, below-average sleepers have found they can get an extra 45-minutes sleep per night after their first week of use. Simple to use, the S+ by ResMed monitors your breathing, movement and room conditions then syncs with your iOS or Android smartphone to provide you with tailored feedback and suggestions on how to get better sleep. Please note that the smartphone app which is required for the S+ by ResMed is only available to download in UK app stores. – Website  / Amazon 

I’m going to be using the S+ over the next 7-10 days.  I’ll be looking to see if it helps with the length and quality of my sleep.

So, if you’d like to find out how I get on with the S+  then check back sometime next week.


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