All You Need To Know About Conflict-Free Diamonds

Diamonds are found in most regions of the world and many people are concerned about how a specific stone came to be discovered, cut and found its way into a jewellery item. The conflict-free diamond is a stone that was not in any way connected to a terrorist or rebel organisation, and the process of mining and refining the stone was not connected to a civil war or other forms of conflict, or illegal activity.


The African Continent

Many diamonds are discovered in Africa, which happens to be a continent that is the host to civil wars and rebel conflicts with controlling governments. Of course, there are people who do not care about the history of a diamond; they simply wish to own it. Yet there are many people who are conscious of the struggles that might be connected to how a diamond made its way into a jewellery item. This is the main reason why some people insist on acquiring precious stones that have a conflict-free history. So most reputable diamond dealers will only accept stones that can be proven to have originated from a conflict-free environment.

Dealing With A Reputable Jeweller


Any jeweller with a good reputation within the industry would never try to sell a diamond that has a history of conflict. It just wouldn’t be worth their while. This kind of jeweller would go to great lengths to establish that the diamond in question is, in fact, conflict-free. There are some stunning engagement rings and even unique wedding rings for men from an ethical jeweller. They always ensure their diamonds are not connected in any way with conflict. Or that the stones were mined ethically without the use of child labour.

Far-Reaching Consequences

Purchasing a diamond with a questionable background could mean that the money you paid for the stone has been used by a terrorist or rebel organisation, and that is not something you would want on your conscience. Imagine a terrorist incident that happened in Europe, where many innocent people were killed, and the money that came from your diamond purchase was actually used to fund such an incident!

In order to have the peace of mind that comes with a conflict-free diamond purchase, you should only buy diamonds from a reputable jeweller. They would know the entire history of the stone n question. Should a potential client ask, they would be able to furnish them with details regarding the diamond’s history.

The Kimberley Diamond Certification Scheme

This is a diamond certification system that the diamond industry created in association with the United Nations. The certification guarantees that diamonds were ethically mined. Plus that the process of producing the finished diamond jewellery did not involve criminal activity. The Kimberley Diamond Certification Scheme (KDCS) offers the buyer a firm guarantee that the diamonds they are purchasing are, in fact, conflict-free.


It is vitally important to be sure that any diamonds you acquire were not part of illegal activities. Or that they were not mined and sold on by a criminal organisation. By dealing with a reputable jeweller, you have peace of mind that your diamonds are conflict-free.

What are your thoughts on illegal diamonds? Is it something you’ve given thought to before purchasing diamond jewellery?

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