Moi-Même The Calm & Cosy Box October 201
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Moi-Même: The Calm & Cosy Box October 2019 – What’s In The Box?

Some of you may already have heard of Moi-Même, a quarterly luxury lifestyle box founded by Camilla Bourquin. Well, the great news is that a monthly Moi-Même is now available to subscribe to.

Camilla Bourquin Moi-Même Founder

It was in early 2016 when my idea for Moi-Même began to take shape. After a particularly difficult week involving visiting relatives, career uncertainty and a baby who just wouldn’t sleep, I needed some retail therapy. I was already a subscriber to a couple of beauty boxes and loved how I felt when a surprise parcel arrived at my door, but I wanted more than just small samples and needed variety. I wanted accessories, jewellery, stationery, candles and, most importantly, I wanted them to be things I would actually wear and use. After a fruitless search for the ideal lifestyle box, I decided to create my own.

A few months later, we launched with The Adventure Box in Summer 2016. The reaction was more than we ever could have hoped for and I am beyond thrilled that so many people have since joined the Moi-Même club.  As the subscription box market grows daily, I take great pride in keeping the personal, luxury feel of Moi-Même.  We have so many plans for the future and we can’t wait to show you what’s in store!

Camilla Bourquin, Founder
Moi-Même The Calm & Cosy Box October 201

The Moi-Même monthly box is £22.95 compared to the £54.95 for the quarterly box. This makes the monthly box an affordable luxury treat every month. Especially if bank balance won’t stretch to the quarterly box. I know that sounds silly when 3 months of the monthly box is more than the quarterly box. However, some people just can’t afford £54.95 in one go but can afford £22.95.

What’s In The Box?

In your monthly Moi-Même box you will receive 3 deluxe or full-sized items which will consist of:

  • 1 lifestyle gift (accessory, jewellery, candle, for example)
  • 1 beauty gift
  • and a sweet treat

October’s Moi-Même box was the Calm & Cosy Box. It features a Grey and Silver Blanket Scarf and Skin & Tonic Calm Balm. You also get The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company Devilishly Dark Pizza Slice.

Moi-Même The Calm & Cosy Box October 201
Moi-Même The Calm & Cosy Box October 201

Grey & Silver Blanket Scarf

This is Silver & Grey Blanket Scarf is really beautiful. It’s larger than the average scarf and is also incredibly soft. The neutral colour means that it will complement most outfits too. This really is such a gorgeous luxe scarf, and whilst it is really soft, it is also very warm too. It’s a perfect accessory for Autumn/Winter.

The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company Devilishly Dark Pizza Slice

How about a slice of Artisan chocolate pizza from The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company? This is their Devilishly Dark Chocolate Pizza Slice. Made from the finest Belgian chocolate and topped with Vegan Marshmallows & mini crispy balls. All I can say is that if you love dark chocolate then you will truly enjoy this slice of heaven – even if it is devilishly dark!

Skin & Tonic Calm Balm

You can’t go wrong with the third item in the Moi-Même Calm & Cosy Box, The Skin & Tonic Calm Balm is a fantastic multi-tasker. With ingredients like organic lavender, chamomile, natural butters and oils it works exceptionally well on dry & damaged skin. Nourishing and soothing it.

That is not all it can do though. You can apply Calm Balm to your temples or wrists when stressed and it will help to relax your mood. I used some on my temples over the weekend because I had such a bad head. It didn’t get rid of it but it was really effective in relaxing me and easing the tension.

My Overall Thoughts On The Moi-Même Calm & Cosy Box

The Moi-Même monthly box launched in May of this year and the previous boxes look as beautiful as October’s Calm & Cosy Box. I really enjoyed the content of this box. You might be thinking that 3 items aren’t much for £22.95 BUT you have to remember that this is a luxury lifestyle box. You’ll receive full-sized items or at the very least deluxe.

I think if you are looking for something more on the luxe side then this could be perfect for you!

Where Can I Subscribe to The Moi-Même Monthly Box?

If you would like to subscribe to the Moi-Même monthly box or indeed even the quarterly one, you can do so by visiting the Moi-Même website.

How Much does Moi-Même Monthly Cost?

Moi-Même Monthly£22.95 per monthfree UK delivery (£9.95 international)
Moi-Même Quarterly£54.95 per quarterfree UK delivery (£14.95 international)

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