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Is Your Child Taking Drugs? What You Need To Know

The much-publicised worldwide war on drugs has failed, this is obvious to anyone who keeps up with the news. For many teenagers, the fact that drugs are illegal make them all the more attractive and as we all know teenagers do go through a stage of rebellion against their elders and also the authorities. Whilst all this is basically common knowledge, it’s different when it’s your own child taking drugs. Although it is merely a passing phase for many teenagers, a parent’s worst nightmare is that their child will go from experimental use to regular use to chronic abuse and ultimately addiction. This is not to say that all drugs are addictive and taking them will result in death but even commonly available drugs such as marijuana can result in long term users lacking in motivation and ambition.

Is Your Child Taking Drugs? What You Need to Know - Pin This!


  • 1. Alcohol – Whilst being socially acceptable and not classified as a narcotic, alcohol is the first ‘drug’ that the vast majority of people try. The damage caused to society by alcohol is immeasurable as any visit to a hospital Emergency Room will amply illustrate. Many recovering addicts believe that alcohol is the gateway drug to harder narcotics, and such is its availability it is easy to obtain in student circles.
  • 2. Cannabis – Although generally regarded as a soft drug, cannabis does little to enhance ambition or motivation, particularly in young people. With many countries now decriminalising cannabis for personal use, the danger is people will regard it as harmless, which could be dangerous. Cannabis, particularly the strong strains, can exacerbate any existing mental health conditions and cause long-lasting damage.
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  • 3. Synthetic Drugs – Drugs such as amphetamine, ecstasy and ketamine are popular party drugs that are widely used on the party scene throughout the world and have contributed to the rise of drug rehab for teens at every level of society. These drugs are generally very cheap and can be produced in makeshift labs by anyone with a certain amount of knowledge.
  • 4. Cocaine – Traditionally used by the super-wealthy, cocaine use has permeated every society and class. The prices have come down and this drug is more easily available than ever before. Long term use can lead to addiction, create heart problems and also lead to mental illness.
  • 5. Heroin – Heroin is generally regarded as the most damaging and degrading drug on the planet. Although very addictive, it is the societal damage it causes that makes the headlines as users often turn to crime to fund the habit. An intensive rehabilitation program is crucial for those who want to stop taking heroin with total abstention from all other intoxicants recommended to avoid relapse.
  • 6. Prescription Drugs – Drugs prescribed by medical professionals can also be very damaging to the individual. Regardless of whether these drugs are prescribed to the patient or a relative, the issues caused by prescription drug addiction are a cause of great concern for both people and governments around the world.
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If you suspect your school-age child is abusing any of the aforementioned substances, early intervention is essential. There are a number of rehab clinics that have both the experience and expertise to treat young adults and enable them to go on to lead normal, productive lives.

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Is Your Child Taking Drugs? What You Need to Know - Pin This!
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